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The Shift To Intelligent Industrial Technologies

Artificial intelligence, automation, connected devices - digital technology has significantly changed industries the world over, and business leaders are constantly keeping abreast on the latest innovation to improve efficiency and optimize system processes. So what are industry heads looking to invest in to increase their competitive advantage?

Join us at StrategyForum Smart Industries for insights into advanced smart solutions and new-decade technologies. Meet with top-level executives from the largest organizations, seeking to maximize their industrial operations and capabilities. Network with key decision makers in pre-scheduled virtual 1-2-1 meetings, and showcase your solutions for an efficient and connected smart factory.

March 11, 2021

The Netherlands

Speakers & Chairperson

Daniël Telgen

Professor Robotization & Sensoring
Avans Hogeschool

Mark Gallagher

Formula One Analyst & Author of the book 'The Business of Winning'
Formula One

Joachim Hensch

Managing Director Hugo Boss Turkey

Event Attendees Include

Avans Hogeschool
Professor Robotization & Sensoring
VMI Group
Vice President - Quality Environment Health & Safety
Event Themes

In Discussion

How to define your business strategy to face the future of Smart Industries

Agile production: preparing for unpredictable shifts in demand

Sustainability and circularity: a changing world environment

New technologies leading the game: how to gain real competitive advantages from the revolution around industry 4.0

Human & Robot collaboration and the war of talent

Event Partners

Solution Providers


Creating an intelligent organization - translating big data into smart data
The opportunities of circular business models and how to implement them
How to maintain a future proof industry between now and 15 years
Linking processes and people for a successful chain collaboration
Implementing the relevant future technologies; what skillsets are needed?

Speakers & Chairperson

Henk Gritter
Programma Bureau Smart Industry
Nick Bailey
Prof. Dr. Ir. Egbert-Jan Sol
Nicola Kimm
Alexander Vreeburg
TATA Steel Nederland
Jan Mahy
Saxion Hogescholen
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State Of Automation: Manufacturing In Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is ushering in a new era of industrial production which is fast creating a tectonic shift for the manufacturing industry. It advances the trend of automation through digitization and connected production, acquiring a complete restructuring of processes – transforming analog and centralized workflows into digital and decentralized production processes.  So how are leaders adjusting? Our latest Industry Report State of Automation: Manufacturing in Industry 4.0 provides insights into the prevailing technology investments and gives a glimpse on how leaders are navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The following are the report key takeaways:

Despite some onset predictions that machine and automation will destroy jobs, human expertise and contributions in the workforce will become more important than ever as key competitive differentiators within the manufacturing industry.
In the manufacturing sector, with robotics in greater use today than ever, Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is poised to be the next game changer and 75% of organizations are already piloting the use of RPA.
The manufacturing industry is expected to be the top industry to spend the most on IoT solutions in 2019 mainly coming from discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.
Augmented Reality (VR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are becoming the front liner solutions for manufacturers in improving training and safety with more than half of the organizations are already facilitating them.
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