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Powering The New-Decade Energy Industry

The energy sector continues to be impacted by disruptive technologies as it moves headlong into the new decade. From finding better energy storage solutions to maximizing renewable energy, many companies in the sector are preparing for the speed of technological change and market needs. Join us at IndustryForum Energy for key industry issues and trends that are on the minds of C-suites, top executives and key decision makers from the top energy organizations in Sweden.

Discover investment priorities of energy business leaders, including energy management, artificial intelligence solutions, sustainable electricity, cleaner sources, energy independence, and more. Showcase your solutions and services in exclusive face-to-face meetings, and build potential long-term strategic relationships with future business partners.

February 03 - 04, 2021


Event Themes

In Discussion

The Future Customer - What expectations can we foresee?

What opportunities does sustainability entail for the industry?

Opportunities and threats - A closer look at the net capacity situation

Cyber ​​security and future regulations

How do we relate to new competitors on the market?

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Set the foundation for the future with emerging technologies
Rethink the customer experience and create true customer engagement
Realizing the demand of increased energy and sustainability
How will the supplier centric market model affect the industry?
The future net capacity situation - what will happen and who should act?

Speakers & Chairperson

Sebastian Waldenström
Alf Engqvist
Göteborg Energi AB
Helena Olssén
Mälarenergi Elnät AB
Mikko Eerola
Bering & Company
Cilla Benkö
Sveriges Radio AB
Johannes Boson
Telge Energi AB