600Minutes Supply Chain

Towards Sustainable Supply Chain 4.0

Climate change, rising costs, geopolitical uncertainty, transportation delays - these are just some of the challenges that supply chains are facing, along with the adoption of smart technologies and digital transformation. Discover how C-level supply chain executives are mitigating risks and managing their supply chain to increase agility, efficiency and reliability for the new decade at our riveting 600Minutes Supply Chain.

Join the gathering of the topmost leaders and key decision makers in supply chain and logistics, who are seeking to enhance all stages of their supply chain in areas including sustainability, end-to-end visibility, cost-efficiency, cyber security, advanced analytics, lean management, cloud computing, and more. Showcase your solutions to these invest-ready business leaders in pre-scheduled face-to-face meeting and build strategic business partnerships!

February 24, 2021


Speakers & Chairperson

Alexander Koesling

Vice President Supply Chain Management
Daimler AG

Event Attendees Include

MAN Energy Solutions SE
Head of Logistics & Plant Services
Event Themes

In Discussion

How digitalization is making Supply Chain and Procurement more efficient and agile

Building a successful ecosystem of suppliers, collaborators and customers to enable growth and innovation

How to master data management in the Supply Chain or Procurement

Sustainability - How is it Evolving in Supply Chain and Procurement?

Change Management is an necessity in Procurement and Supply Chain


Automation in intralogistics: autonomous vehicles and stationary robots
Forecasting / Collaborative Planning with Shared Data: Meaningful or dangerous? Dealing with data sovereignty
RPA, Blockchain and AI: The new Landscape of SCM
Digitization and personnel: Skills Development for Emerging Technologies
Transparency in the N-peer Supply Chain: What is State of the Art and where do we go from there?

Speakers & Chairperson

Oliver Oehmke
Christian von der Schulenburg
Siemens AG
Hans Ehm
Infineon Technologies AG
Ludwig Merz
Bosch Rexroth AG
Robert Nessing
Alan Waller
Cranfield University School of Management
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Taking Actions For A Transformative Supply Chain Future

The adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement in 2015 marks a step towards a decarbonized society1. With businesses starting to realize the risks that climate change poses, many within the field of supply chain management are taking action and are investing in emerging technology that promotes sustainability.

Key investments in Big Data (data analytics and data management), artificial intelligence (machine learning and RPA), and IoT (Internet of Things) are the emerging technologies that chief supply chain officers (CSCO) and chief procurement officers (CPO) are emphasizing within their organization. This tracks with the movement towards an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable supply chain future.

Discover other investment priorities and emerging technologies that CSCOs and CPOs are capitalizing as part of their transformation towards sustainable supply chain in our Trend Report - Taking Actions Towards A Transformative Supply Chain Future. Read up on our special feature on must-know future trends in the supply chain, and prepare your organization for 2020.

Here are the report key takeaways:

  • Big Data Analytics

For many supply chain and procurement officers, utilizing big data analytics will be pivotal in understanding market trends and to make sound business decisions.
  • Big Data Management

Managing the data effectively, in tandem with data analytics technology, will be important in improving the overall performance of the supply chain management.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Creating a connected platform that allows for access to real-time data and improved end-to-end supply chain performance is some of the major push for IoT in supply chain management.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automating repetitious tasks and reducing processing errors are some of the key integrations that supply chain and procurement officers are focusing on.   1CDP Supply Chain Report: Driving ambitious action through supply chain engagement
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