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December 02 - 09, 2021


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This year, Nordic IndustryForum Banking and Insurance will be tapping into the large-scale transformations that will align with the digital world and digital economy. Explore valuable insights that will drive value for your customer and business through technology innovation.

Connect virtually with your CFO peers and other financial leaders at the Nordic IndustryForum Banking and Insurance for insights into future-proofing your business. Participate in online discussions and uncover new approaches, business practices, and cutting-edge technology to lead your organization into the digital future. Leverage pre-booked 1-to-1 virtual sessions with innovative providers to find long-term solutions that drive competitive advantage.

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Christina is the Chief Economist at Handelsbanken. She has previously served as the Deputy Head of the Monetary Policy Department and the Head of the Forecast Division at the Swedish Central Bank. Christina is also a member of the board for Stiftelsen för Finansiell Forskning. She holds a Master's degree in Economics from Stockholm University.

Christina Nyman

Chief Economist
Handelsbanken AB

Jane Kaasgaard is an experienced senior leader with specialty in complex transformation and successful implementation of strategic programs. She has been with Tryg for more than 10 years and today holds the position as Vice President for New Business & Customer Innovation. Tryg is the largest provider of insurance in the Nordics and dates back almost 300 years. Despite its size and long history, Tryg is known for strong capabilities within business development and innovation.

Jane Kaasgaard Rasmussen

Vice President - New Business & Customer Innovation
Tryg Forsikring A/S

Aidan Millar is passionate about the positive disruption of technology and advanced data analytics on the financial services industry. He has over 30 years of professional experience partnering with senior executives to implement large-scale IT change and data related initiatives to drive competitive advantage; a ‘Positive Disruptor’ with the courage to make things happen! He has been very fortunate to work all over the world experiencing different ways of working and thinking - including Hong Kong, Amsterdam, New York, Hawaii and most recently California. He is now employed by DNB (Norways largest Bank) as their Chief Data and Analytics Officer, where he is applying his passion for data to deliver enhanced Customer experience. Aidan's wife, Chi Chi and their two boys Jack (13 years old) and Matt (12 years old) help to maintain balance in his life. In his spare time Aidan enjoys the arts, family adventures and socializing with friends.

Aidan Millar

EVP Group Digital Insights and Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Hanne Corneliussen

Chief Compliance Officer
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA

Thomas Krogh Jensen

Copenhagen Fintech

Lars Tvede

Chief Investment Officer
Atlas Global Macro

Anders Langworth

Head of Group Sustainability
Nordea Bank AB

Heidi Finskas

Vice President Corporate Responsibility

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Unlocking true value through customer driven innovation
New players are continuously entering and disrupting the market with innovative products and services. They have fast and dynamic deployment, larger risk appetite and less silos than traditional players. Creating a culture for innovation and deploying products that adds value is critical for traditional players in order to stay agile and competitive. -Creating a platform that will drive innovation capabilities -Assembling talent and culture where innovation can thrive failing is part of it -Deploy products and services in the value chains that matters to get return on investment
Speaker: Jane Kaasgaard Rasmussen - Tryg Forsikring A/S
Keynote : Future proof your business by focusing on customer needs and experience
There is a clear urge for transformation among traditional players in the banking sector in order to stay relevant by aligning to their customers needs and the fast moving digital world. Considering the core business, culture and legacy, transformations of this scale are hard to achieve. In this interview we will address best practices in how to deal with this complexity. -Establishing a customer centric roadmap strategy and business with needed capabilities -Navigating through the complexity of technological and cultural legacy -Embedding an architecture, culture and processes that will stay resilient and adaptable in the future
Speaker: Aidan Millar - DNB ASA
Panel discussion : Turning compliance into competitive advantage
The regulatory environment is evolving, banks and insurance companies are doubling down in their efforts to stay compliant with exceptional number of resources allocated to stay on top of regulations. In this panel discussion we will explore and focus on ways in how to deal with this burden through efficient processes to streamline data management and regulatory compliance, whilst delivering a positive client experience every time. -Real world examples of translating compliance burden into a value proposition -The benefits of broader eco systems to break down silos and enable standardization -Assessment of digital technologies that will make compliance more efficient
Speakers: Hanne Corneliussen - Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Aidan Millar - DNB ASA
Panel discussion : Triple bottom line approach to ESG investments
Sustainability is no longer an option, investing in and financing sustainable business has a solid financial as well as wide societal benefits. New regulations will also entrench and push the envelope further to drive the transition. Unless you stay proactive you might miss out on an opportunity and in this section, we will elaborate on why while elaborating on EU Taxonomy Climate Delegated Act. -Embedding sustainability into the core of your business while staying profitable -The balancing act of opportunities and risks across regulations and investments -Stay ahead of the curve unpacking the new EU taxonomy
Speakers: Heidi Finskas - KLP, Anders Langworth - Nordea Bank AB
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Driving change management in an agile organization - is it the most efficient way and how to measure it?
Future collaboration with bank & insurance disruptors - how can this increase revenue and stay efficient
Finding innovative and convenient solutions in new lifestyle banking platforms
How will automation displace the human effort across the insurance industry value chain
How do the industry tackle the future challenges while staying compliant, following the evolving directives and regulations


Matti Honkanen
Nordea Markets
Björn Andersson
Dun & Bradstreet (previously Bisnode)
Elisabeth Beskow
DNB Bank Sverige
Stefan Palmqvist
Klarna Bank AB
Glenn Söderholm
Danske Bank A/S
Morten Sønderskov
Lunar A/S