600Minutes Information and Cyber Security

The Next Chapters in the CISO Handbook: Modern Infrastructure, Evolving Threats, Human Factor and Cyber Processes

November 16 - 17, 2021


About the Event

Organisations right now are in the process of moving their workload and data to the Cloud, automating old, manual processes and securing employees working from home. This opens up new possibilities and attack points for criminals, and they need to ensure all ends are secured. The wars of today are not fought on the land we stand on, but in the digital domains in which we are connected to at all time.

Join us at 600Minutes Information & Cyber Security, where we will discuss the most pressing issues for security executives. Take part of interactive sessions, 1-2-1 meetings to discuss and showcase your products with leading cyber experts.

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Flavio Aggio

Chief Information Security Officer
World Health Organization

Matilda Tidlund is the CSO/CISO at Northvolt -the Company with the mission to build the world’s greenest battery. Previously she was the CSO for Telia Company with a responsibility for everything associated to security -such as IT-, Network, Physical- and National security, the ISO-27001 certificate, the “security by design” -process as well as the Global SOC - for all countries, group functions and subsidiaries. With that directly affected of what all 21k colleagues did or did not do. Matilda is a board member of the cybersecurity company Outpost 24. In additional to security, Matilda has a passion for leadership and has over 20 years of experience as a leader. Leadership and coaching are also a clear part of her free time, coaching young assistant-coaches’ and kids in Team Gym.

Matilda Tidlund


Chuck Brooks

Thought Leader & Subject Matter Expert Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies
Brooks Consulting International

Thomas Widén

CISO and Head of Cyber Security & Compliance

Gustav Lind

Head Of Security
WSP Global

Pierre Anderberg

Saab AB

Victor Grane

Security Technical Specialist
IBM Sweden

Magnus Lindkvist

Cloud Security Practice Lead Nordics
IBM Sweden

Per Anders Eriksson

ICA Gruppen AB

Jamie Woodruff

Europe’s No. 1 Ethical Hacker
Guest Speaker

Christoffer Strömblad

Cyber Security Specialist & Blogger

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Recognising the Threat of State-Sponsored Cyber-Attacks
CISO's today are not only protecting their organisations from cyber-attacks by vicious individuals or criminal groups, but even from state-sponsored attacks. As the digital gate keepers that prevents unauthorised access to sensitive data, they also need to be aware of who the attacker may be. In this threat analysis, you will get insights in how state-sponsored attacks have developed.
Speaker: Chuck Brooks - Brooks Consulting International
Panel discussion : The Rise and Evolution of Ransomware: Managing Future Threats and Expectations
Security experts has been combating the threat of Ransomware for years, and will continue to do so. Cybersecurity Ventures report that ransomware is the fastest growing type of cybercrime. But how has it evolved, and what can we expect of it in the future? In this interactive panel discussion, our experts will look at the evolution of ransomware, how they are protecting their organisations and what the future might behold.
Speakers: Thomas Widén - SAS AB, Gustav Lind - WSP Global
Keynote : The Insider Threat: Risk-proofing Your Organisation from Within
Like the Trojan Horse from the myths, even the strongest defence will crumble when attacked from the inside. How do you ensure that the slumbering threat stays so, without being too invasive on your employee's privacy? Our expert will share his/her best practices when dealing with the potential Insider Threat.
Speaker: Pierre Anderberg - Saab AB
Keynote : Building the Future Cyber Team: Do you Have the Formula?
Forward-thinking CISO's are not only preparing to deal with the next threat, but they are also planning their organisation to respond efficiently and work together cross functions. As the ones standing in between cyber criminals and their own organisations, they need to enable their teams to the fullest. In this session, you will be inspired in how you can set-up and empower your teams. • Example on organisational structure: Avoiding duplicate work • Resource planning: Picking the right roles • Best practices: Compliance and governance
Speaker: Per Anders Eriksson - ICA Gruppen AB
Event Themes

In Discussion

Cloud Security: Protecting the Extended Perimeter

3rd Party Risk Mitigation: Governance, Monitoring and Auditing

Recognising the Threat of State-Sponsored Cyber-Attacks

The Rise and Evolution of Ransomware: Managing Future Threats and Expectations

Building the Future Cyber Team: Do you Have the Formula?

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Rapid7 (HQ EMEA)
Duo Security EMEA
nCipher Security


Data across borders - a shift in our digital landscape
Raising a Culture of Awareness or Adopting a Zero-Trust Policy?
New Regulations and their impact on our organizations
Getting Control of Vendor Risk Management
Fighting Cybercrime in a Pandemic Threat Landscape


Ralph Benton
Anders Jared
Systembolaget AB
Ronald Pool
CrowdStrike UK Ltd.
Jan Tietze
SentinelOne EMEA
Marc Lueck
Mark Gallagher
Formula One