600Minutes Information and Cyber Security

A Strategic & Collaborative Approach to Managing Risks in an Ever-Changing Cyber Landscape

November 04 - 12, 2021


About the Event

As technology continues to innovate in the disrupted world, CISOs can no longer afford to simply be technologists, but rather must become drivers of business strategy. How do will CISO get a seat at the management table? How do we ensure Cyber Security is regarded as a strategic necessity?

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Cyber Security event as we bring together CISOs and Information Security experts from the largest organizations in Denmark to discuss on the latest innovations and strategies within the cyber security fraternity. Grab this opportunity to showcase your solutions and build meaningful partnerships that will benefit mutual growth!

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Bjarke Alling is Chair of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council, which since ultimo 2019 has been appointed by the Government to counsel on the development of a new version of the National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security. Bjarke is also the founder and Group Managing Director of the IT company Liga and the former Chair of the IT Security Committee at the Danish ICT Industry Association. Bjarke works on enhancing the political awareness of strong cyber security and digital identity policies as well as developing best practices across multiple sectors and countries.

Bjarke Alling

Chair of the Corporate Part of the National Danish Cyber Security Council & Group Managing Director
Liga ApS

Morten Holm Christiansen is CIO at Coop, where he since 2018 has run a total renewal of Coop's IT platform and basis for the company's digital transformation. In recent years, Coop has established a leading position in digital support of retail business, and Coop's IT solutions are today sold to foreign retail customers globally. Morten Holm Christiansen has previously been Corporate Vice President and Senior Director at Novo Nordisk and Maersk, respectively, and has been responsible for the start-up of Maersk's digital solutions. Morten holds a masters degree in Economics from Aarhus University and an MBA from IMD.

Morten Holm Christiansen

Coop Danmark A/S

Per Silberg Hansen has broad experience in information technology management and has for several years worked with IT security in the clothing and fashion industry. He worked for Ecco for 9 years before moving to BESTSELLER in 2017. In 2020 he moved to Sydbank.

Per Silberg Hansen

Sydbank A/S

Kristian Vengsgaard


Roel Schouten

Novozymes A/S

Kaare Mortensen

Presales Consultant
Thales (EMEA/UK)

Featured Sessions

Campfire : Without Sharing – No Knowledge
You can view the cyber threat as a flood threat. If you live in a landscape with a big risk of floods, you can keep putting up sandbags, but at some point, to ensure long-term safety, you should probably consider building a dyke instead. According to Bjarke Alling, Chair of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council, we need to collaborate across sectors to build this metaphorical dyke and ensure that crucial knowledge on cyber security and breaches is circulated and shared. In this moderated interview, Bjarke will share insights on the latest National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security, dive into which barriers we face now in the exchange of valuable experiences across sectors, and shed light on how we can overcome them together.
Speaker: Bjarke Alling - Liga ApS
Keynote : CIO Perspective: The Impact of Digital Transformation on IT Security
Coop is in the middle of a massive digital transformation - from being a bricks and mortar national grocery retailer to creator of one of the most downloaded apps in Denmark, reaching a staggering 350.000 users every day, whilst becoming a global software company with customer loyalty software offered as a SaaS solution worldwide. This transformation has changed IT Security challenges significantly and pushed IT Security to the top of the agenda in Coop. In this keynote, Morten Holm Christiansen will take us through Coop's journey from a CIO perspective and share his insights on the change management challenges related to such an extensive digital transformation.
Speaker: Morten Holm Christiansen - Coop Danmark A/S
Panel discussion : Two Approaches to Cyber Security Awareness
People-Centric Security and Security as the Cultural Foundation
Employees are in control of more business-critical data than ever before – and while the majority of employees understand the need for cyber security and desire to do right, human errors still cause approximately 90 percent of data breaches. In this interactive strategy session dialogue, experts from two very different industries will discuss how they protect their organisations from internal and external threats through cyber security awareness, and what they can learn from each other’s approaches.
Speakers: Kristian Vengsgaard - Forsvarsministeriet, Roel Schouten - Novozymes A/S
Event Themes

In Discussion

Proactivity & Resilience: Tackling Increased Cyber-Crime & Build Awareness

CISO, Take the Wheel! Align & Integrate Cyber Security & Business Strategy

Facing the Cyber Challenge: Collaborate & Innovate to Ensure Security & Competencies

Outsourcing & Vendor Risks: Mitigate to Minimize Exposure

From Internet of Things to Security of Things: Protecting Vulnerabilities with Increased Connected Sensors & Devices

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Darktrace Limited
Duo Security EMEA
Rapid7 (HQ EMEA)
Thales UK


AI and Machine Learning - securing your company with threat Intelligence
Security in digital transformation and cloud - incorporating security in the digital business strategy
From guardian to companion of digitization - developing the CISO's role
IT security in the new reality - What have we learned?
When Disaster Strikes - Recovery Strategies After Cyber Attack


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