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Empowering your organization through Digital Transformation

June 02 - 03, 2021

The Netherlands

About the Event

Our remote working environment has heralded a new era of digital transformation. Numerous business-critical innovations that have been collecting dust at the bottom of the board agenda are now kickstarted out of necessity. The upkeep of continuous transformation is key as the accelerating development of new technologies such as AI and ML will force digitally idle industries out of business. Yet, digital transformation is not solely a technological transformation. In order to maintain a competitive edge, we need to explore the strategic implications of a company-wide transformation.

Join the upcoming Digital Transformation event to discover the opportunities provided by new technologies such AI and Machine Learning. Explore various technology innovation that accelerates company wide transformation. Network with top company executives and decision-makers for a day filled with knowledge-sharing to stay up-to-date with the latest insights. Showcase your solutions and share your expertise in pre-matched 1-to-1 meetings.

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Michael Guntenaar


Edita Mujović

Global Manager Digital Communications

Hans van 't Riet

VP | Transformation Leader & Head of Implementation Competence Center
Royal Philips

Marian de Joode


Rutger Planken

Director en Co-founder FoodServicehub @ Unilever

Michiel de Jong

Marketing Director
Wolters Kluwer

Daniel Post

Chief Transformation Officer

Nicky van Dijk

Expert Solutions Director
Wolters Kluwer

Emmelie Zipson

Emmelie Zipson

Alexander Zwart

Tribe Lead Digital Platform & Head of Digital Transformation

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Leadership and Loyalty in Times of Crisis
As a leading festival organizer, ID&T found itself in a rough patch last year. How do you prosper in a world that is stuck at home? How do you need te adapt and transform? How do you maintain customer loyalty. These are all questions that Michael will answer during his interview.
Speakers:Michael Guntenaar - ID&T
Panel discussion : Panelist
Speakers:Edita Mujović - ASML
Keynote : The Components of a Transformational Journey
Philips has spearheaded numerous digital innovations in the past decade. Yet innovation cannot prosper without transformation. Hans van 't Riet, a digital veteran within Philips, will shar ehis insights on the transformational journey.
Speakers:Hans van 't Riet - Royal Philips
Cross-function keynote : Data-Driven Inclusion
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace have been addressed by numerous psychologists in the past and we have yet to overcome this challenge. What is we are approaching this issue from the wrong angle. What if we use data rather than psychology. Marian and her robot Sigmund will sketch portray how data and robotics may be able to create a fair future workplace.
Speakers:Marian de Joode - LTP
Keynote : Innovation with a Sustainability Perspective: A real life case
Rutger started his career in technology and business development over 15 years ago. He joined Unilever in 2015 to co-lead the digital transformation of their B2B foods business. He furthermore lead the eCommerce business and in 2019 he co-founded The FoodServicehub, an innovation entity aimed to address big customer opportunities by working together with external scale-ups. During this keynote he will address innovation from sustainability perspective by using a real life case.
Speakers:Rutger Planken - Unilever

Event Attendees Include

Director en Co-founder FoodServicehub @ Unilever
South Pole
Head of Digital Innovation
Event Themes

In Discussion

From scratching the surface to the core of the iceberg: a company-wide transformation

A transformation without data is not a transformation

Facing the challenges of digital leadership in an accelerated digitized environment head on

Employee experience should be a reflection of customer experience

Digitization in pursuit of our sustainable goals

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