600Minutes Marketing and CX

Marketing reimagined: converging innovation, experience and technology

October 13, 2021


About the Event

The pandemic has brought various changes to CX, Marketing & Sales function. The shift towards e-commerce is pushing marketers to invest more on digital channels instead of offline content.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Marketing and CX as leading experts will bring fresh insights on new innovations and solutions that are shaping the future of consumer journeys. Get inspired by the latest marketing technologies, trends and best practices that will drive organizational growth efficiently. Don't miss out on our exclusive virtual 1-to-1 meetings with top-level chief executives and key decision makers from leading organizations. Gain insights and expand your business opportunities virtually at our 600Minutes Marketing and CX!

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Digitalizing The Power of F2F Networking - Go Virtual With ME

Re-build your connections and stay engaged with the business community through our virtual events. Maintain your competitive edge with insightful keynotes, panel discussions, and tailored content, and continue growing your network and discover new business opportunities through virtual 1-2-1 matchmade meetings.


Sandra Tappermann-Pieper

Chief Marketing Officer
LeasePlan Group

Boet Kreiken

EVP Customer Experience
KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines

Judith Franssen

Global Marketing Director

Egmont Philips

Marketing Director
DAS Juridische Dienstverlening

Mark Liversidge

Chief Digital & Experience Officer
The Student Hotel

Patrik Stoopendahl

PhD Candidate & Business Anthropologist: Consumer Trends
INSiDR, University of Borås

Yehuda Hofri

VP Data
Albert Heijn

Featured Sessions

Keynote : Klantbeleving van de grond tot in de lucht
Join us for an insightful keynote and Q&A by Boet Kreiken, EVP Customer Experience at KLM. KLM is, as one of the biggest companies in The Netherlands, very well known for their service and experience efforts. Boet will take us into his world: what does CX mean for KLM? What has changed due to Covid-19 and less travelling around the globe?
Speaker: Boet Kreiken - KLM - Royal Dutch Airlines
Group discussion initiation : Corona, what's next? Perspectives on the new normal
We will start the morning with an interactive discussion between CMO's from different industries. Join us for interesting insights on how the CMO role has changed due to Covid-19 and other topics as: understanding the changes in how consumers behave and the CMTO to the rescue: there is no stopping marketing technology
Speakers: Egmont Philips - DAS Juridische Dienstverlening, Sandra Tappermann-Pieper - LeasePlan Group, Judith Franssen - Randstad
Panel discussion : Building a community by digitizing Customer Experience
Experience at The Student Hotel
During this keynote and Q&A, Mark Liversidge, Chief Digital & Experience at the Student Hotel will take us into his world and industry with the insightful topic on building a community by digitizing Customer Experience.
Speakers: Mark Liversidge - The Student Hotel, Egmont Philips - DAS Juridische Dienstverlening
Keynote : When the consumer decides – Short perspectives and long term planning
Patrik is PhD Candidate & Business Anthropologist on the imporant topic Consumer Trends. Join is for some interesting insights during his keynote and Q&A and get to know more on his research done on digital retailing. Empirically the research focuses on fashion and textile retail and the usage of Augmented Reality when presenting products to potential customers. Patrik collects consumer experiences and utilises value theory from marketing and anthropology to understand how value is re-shaped as new technology such as AR is molding the customer journey and experience into unrecognisability. To the industry the contribution is an updated and modern definition of value in digital retailing as well as knowledge on what happens as AR becomes a natural part of a brand-customer interaction in everyday life.
Speaker: Patrik Stoopendahl - INSiDR, University of Borås
Panel discussion : Data is King: go to market strategies
Speaker: Yehuda Hofri - Albert Heijn
Event Themes

In Discussion

Content is king! Creating visibility and loyalty in the B2C and B2B world

The Covid-19 Aftermath: Understanding the changes in how we consume

The CMTO to the rescue: there is no stopping marketing automation and technology

Seamless Customer Experience: more important than ever before

Spotlight Videos


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SAP Nederland B.V.


Influencer Marketing - A debate about having the right focus and relevance
Changed consumer behaviour due to COVID-19
Agility and leadership: an ever changing marketing function
Marketing revolution: the use of new technologies in a multichannel landscape
Online marketing in times of E-Privacy: use of client data


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