600Minutes Supply Chain Management

The Future Value Chain: Viable, Visible, Resilient and Purpose-Driven

April 07 - 13, 2022


About the Event

Still recovering from the pandemic and subject to uncertainty until the vaccines gradually bring us back to a normal world, we can be sure that the corona crisis has brought about changes within the organization that have transformed many activities. How can you enhance your supplier and sustainability management as well as your readiness to respond to changing demands? How can digitalisation help to achieve better visibility and performance across your supply chain?

Equip yourself to vital action with the expert tools and industry insights at the 600min Supply Chain Management. Connect with your C-suite peers and professional counterparts for in-depth panel and group discussions. Join deep dive exchanges, workshops and illuminating case studies by renowned industry leaders on topics including supplier sustainability management, chain optimization, the use of emerging technologies and advanced analytics.


Eline Oudenbroek is the Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations for the EMEA region at Interface. Eline brings over 25 years of international experience in strategic leadership of technical companies in logistics and manufacturing with P&L responsibility and has a proven track record in developing international markets and implementing commercial strategies. With Interface, Eline specializes in implementing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of Interface’s supply chain, internal processes and developing carbon neutral and carbon negative flooring products. Focusing on biobased and recycled content, she works with her team to reach their next goal: becoming a carbon negative enterprise in 2040.

Eline Oudenbroek

VP Supply Chain EMEA

Martijn Lofvers (1967) is founder and CEO of Supply Chain Media and Chief Trendwatcher at the Dutch Supply Chain Magazine and the European quarterly magazine Supply Chain Movement. He is a regular speaker on the topics of company and supply chain strategy, scenario planning and business trends, supply chain start-ups, innovation and technology application at international conferences. He has also responsible for the SCM IT Subway Map Europe with the positioning of supply chain software vendors. Previously Lofvers has worked as publisher for Springer Science + Business Media (5 years) and Reed Elsevier (12 years). He holds a university degree in technical engineering and business science from the Eindhoven University of Technology with a specialization in Supply Chain Management. He has published a World War 2-based novel and a non-fiction book about the history of supply chain management, both in Dutch. He is credited as a researcher for the acclaimed western thriller Brimstone (2016), the acclaimed western thriller directed by Martin Koolhoven.

Martijn Lofvers

CEO/ Chief Trendwatcher
Supply Chain Media B.V.

As of September 2017 Joost Bous has been the Director Supply Chain at Action. Action is the fastest growing non-food retailer in Europe, with more than 1800 stores in 9 countries and 9 million customers per week. Prior to Joost starting at Action he worked in several Operational and General Management leadership positions within the TNT Post Group. Within Action, Joost is responsible for the total physical flow of goods from supplier to store, including all the planning. This includes container shipping, crossdocks, HUBs, Distribution Centers, transport and end-2-end planning (E2E). The number of Action stores is growing fast and with our product strategy of changing two-thirds of our assortment on a regular basis, getting the right product in the right store is key. Joost is responsible for inventory levels and product availability.

Joost Bous

Supply Chain Director

Frans Pannekoek

Supply Chain Manager
Tony's Chocolonely

Andre Bosman

Sr. Director Supply Chain Management

Magne Setnes

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Jack van der Veen

Professor of Supply Chain Management
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : Strategies beyond Sustainability | Transforming to Greener Processes and Circular Supply Chain Models
Climate change, circular economy and sustainability have all come to the forefront over the past few years and our global supply chains sit right in the middle of these challenges, both as a major contributor to the problems, and as a great area of focus where we can take action to address the problems. The need is clear, but the path to get there is not. A series of topics with industries influential voices coming together to foster learning, inspire and provoke conversation in sustainability on boards’ agenda, greener processes, globalization vs. localization, circular business models and the future of sustainable value chains, that matter in the supply chain space.
Speakers: Eline Oudenbroek - Interface, Martijn Lofvers - Supply Chain Media B.V., Joost Bous - Action, Frans Pannekoek - Tony's Chocolonely
Campfire : Supply Chain Resilience | The Key to Reduce Risk and Drive Competitive Advantage
The pandemic has caused worldwide disruptions in production and value chains and placed resilience and decentralization of production and logistics on the boardroom agenda again. There is growing awareness that supply chains need to be more flexible and agile so they can react and adapt quickly to potential disruption. During this fireside chat two organizations: ASML and HEINEKEN will dive deeper into their value chains, discuss about what they could have done differently and how to learn from each other and become more resilient in future. Learn more about:
- Redesign structures and replan performance with long-term impacts to survive in changing environments.
- Optimize strategic goals to overcome risks by aligning the supply chain strategy with the business strategy.
- Build flexible processes for fulfilling orders through new business models.
- Get your employees involved in more quickly responding to and dealing with disruptions.
- The essential role of technology in improving efficiency and managing risk (AI, ML, Advanced Analytics)
- Nearshoring/Reshoring to allow flexibility, decrease lead times and increase ability to detect risks.
Speakers: Andre Bosman - ASML, Magne Setnes - HEINEKEN
Keynote : Vision of the Future State | Optimizing Opportunities by Supply Chain Transformation
How do you as a company remain successful in a world of disruption and globalization, with rapidly changing customer requirements, violent economic movements, and an increasing call for sustainability? How do you stay agile? And how do you create a healthy return for your own organization and more value for customers, chain partners, employees, and society? Jack van der Veen, Professor Supply Chain Management at Nyenrode Business School and writer of the book 'Regisseer de Keten' will give a workshop on how to transform your Supply Chain successfully. Groups will be divided based on discussion topics , soft side, in supply chain transformation. After the group discussions a general conclusion will be drawn.
- Change Leadership: The role of the Supply Chain executive and the expertise needed
- Supply Chain Collaboration: Leveraging seamless, transparent & real-time information between stakeholders to streamline your supply chain
- People & Culture: How to deal with a company culture ‘eating’ your supply chain strategy
Speaker: Jack van der Veen - Nyenrode Business Universiteit
Event Themes

In Discussion

Supply Chain Resilience | The key to reduce Risk and Drive Competitive Advantage

Vision of the Future State | Optimizing Opportunities by Supply Chain Transformation

Strategies beyond Sustainability | Transforming to Greener Processes and Circular Supply Chain models

The Supply Chain Holy Grail | Achieving End-to-End Visibility by leveraging Real-Time Data and Advanced Technologies

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Learning to deal with disruption by building a flexible and resilient supply chain
Improving the customer journey with transparency and visibility in the chain
Driving a digital transformation in the supply chain
Embracing supply chain sustainability in a rapidly changing world


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