600Minutes Supply Chain Management

April 13 - 14, 2021

The Netherlands

About the Event

The year 2020 made businesses realize the fragility of their supply chain systems and search for more sustainable solutions. Industry leaders face the urgent need to design smarter, stronger, more diverse processes while ensuring transparency. Discover how digital transformation, smart technologies and innovation can help to manage risks and increase efficiency, agility and reliability of supply chain at 600Minutes Supply Chain Management event.

Join key decision-makers in the industry seeking to enhance all stages of the supply chain through innovative strategies and technologies. Benchmark your approaches against your peers and get deep industry insights from expert speakers. Showcase your solutions to top-level executives and build long-term business partnerships.

Why Attend

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Dirk Holbach

CSCO Laundry & Home Care & Corporate Vice President Henkel
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

Jeroen Both

Chief Supply Chain Officer
Accell Group N.V.

Michel van den Hoven

Global Supply Chain Program Manager - Global Trade Compliance
Royal Philips

Vincent Weijers


Anita Arts

VP Procurement EMEA and NA

Therese Noorlander

Sustainability Director Europe
Coca-Cola Enterprises

Jeroen Dekkers

Head of Supply Chain
McDonald's Nederland B.V.

Edwin de Graaff

Head of Global Commercial Strategy
Royal Dutch Shell

Bram Desmet

Professor Supply Chain & Operations
Vlerick Business School

Frank Roeske

Manager Logistics New Car and Structure Projects
Porsche Leipzig GmbH

Marten van der Zee

VP Operations EMEA
Libbey Inc.

Featured Sessions

Case presentation : Digital With a Purpose
End to end digitalization: Driving stakeholder value
Speakers:Dirk Holbach - Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Campfire : Building a Flexible and Resilient Supply Chain
The development of COVID-19 and its impact on global business has highlighted the vulnerability of supply chains to rapid disruptions. Many companies are struggling with both changing demand patterns and disrupted supply situations, due to the complex and long supply chains. During this session will Jeroen Both share his insights on building resilience during and after covid-19.
Speakers:Jeroen Both - Accell Group N.V.
Keynote : Supply Chain Transformation - How to Deal with Compliance & Trade
Process optimization and minimizing risk
Speakers:Michel van den Hoven - Royal Philips
Panel discussion : Driving Sustainability and Reducing C02 Carbon Food Print
By 2029, it will be unacceptable for a supply chain to create waste. Avoidable waste production will then be considered unacceptable by society. This means that organizations have to embrace a circular (eco-friendly) economy in which a used product is returned, recycled and then reused in some way.
Speakers:Vincent Weijers - Bol.com, Anita Arts - Unilever, Therese Noorlander - Coca-Cola Enterprises, Jeroen Dekkers - McDonald's Nederland B.V.
Keynote : How to Utilize Forecasting Analysis to Optimize Inventory
Demand planning in the age of AI & machine learning
Demand-planning of all worldwide shell shops
Speakers:Edwin de Graaff - Royal Dutch Shell

Event Attendees Include

Cargill B.V.
Supply Chain Director Europe
Aspen Pharma
Supply Chain Director
Van Oord Groep N.V.
Director Procurement & Supply Chain
Accell Group N.V.
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Walt Disney
Vice President European Supply Chain
VP Procurement EMEA and NA
Kramp Groep
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Supply Chain Director
AkzoNobel Decorative Coatings B.V.
Supply Chain Director Deco EMEA
Head of Supply Chain
Supply Chain Director
Event Themes

In Discussion

Learning to deal with disruption by building a flexible and resilient supply chain

Improving the customer journey with transparency and visibility in the chain

Driving a digital transformation in the supply chain

Embracing supply chain sustainability in a rapidly changing world

Event Partners

Solution Providers

Spotlight Videos


DELMIA / Dassault Systemes
Panasonic Toughbook Benelux


The power of insight: leveraging data to empower an agile and connected supply chain
Building a successful collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, customers, and service providers in order to enable growth and innovation
Strategic People Development: building capabilities and planning people efficiently in a digital transformation
How can we improve our industry towards a sustainable business model?
Factory of the future: how do we realize and scale the potential of the digital revolution?


Air France-KLM
Universiteit Twente
Michelvan den Hoven
Royal Philips
Universiteit Twente
Jan-Heinde Groen
TATA Steel Nederland
Roonvan Maanen
Port of Amsterdam