E-Commerce Strategies

How to turn Retention into Loyalty in a Rapidly Evolving E-Commerce Landscape

With the increasing growth of digital technologies, and data backed by analytics, the e-commerce industry is gaining momentum in delivering better customer engagement and online experiences. Explore key drivers of successful online businesses at the E-Commerce Strategies virtual networking forum, and exchange thoughts with top influencers, leaders and decision makers from leading e-commerce companies in Sweden. Grab this chance to showcase your solutions and unlock potential business opportunities virtually.

November 03, 2020


Speakers & Chairperson

Anne Håkansson

Docent och AI Forskare
Kungliga tekniska högskolan

Rickard Lyko


Annika Mårtensson

Vd/Varumärkeschef Homeroom & Sustainability Director Ellos Group
Ellos Group AB

Martin Jägerstad

Head of E-Commerce Sales
Trustly Group AB

Amir Mofidi

E-Commerce Director
Lagerhaus AB

Patrik Stoopendahl

Anthropologist & Independent Futurist
INSiDR, University of Borås

Fredrik Lindros

Speqta AB

Event Attendees Include

Filippa K AB
Head of Digital Customer Experience
Event Themes

In Discussion

How the evolution of AI is shaping the future of E-Commerce

Meeting Future Customer Needs by Analysing Short-Term Patterns in Consumer Behaviour

Setting the Framework for Sustainable E-Commerce to strengthen Customer Loyalty

From Surviving to Thriving: How to navigate Rapid Business Growth

Using social Selling & Social commerce for Competitive Advantage and Customer Reach

Event Partners

Solution Providers


The Last Mile Problem: will you deliver speed, accuracy and efficiency?
Amplifying the revenue with advanced conversion strategies
Using Data Analytics to Boost Customer Engagement
Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future of E-commerce

Speakers & Chairperson

Josef Darmark
Trustly Group AB
Kjell Rundqvist
Sonat AB
Björn Thorngren
Jonas Karlén
Johan Ydring
TUI Nordic
Susanne Holmström
Netonnet AB