600Minutes Information and Cyber Security

Establishing New-Generation Cyber Defense

What new technologies are affecting security in cyberspace? How are organizations preventing cyber crimes? Join us at 600Minutes Information and Cyber Security for in-depth discussions on threat prevention, data protection, and more.

Bringing together CISOs, C-levels, information security executives, and key decision makers from the top 500 companies, this B2B matchmaking forum seeks to explore the latest innovations and strategies in the cyber security landscape. Take this opportunity to showcase your solutions and build strategic business partnerships.

October 20 - 21, 2020


Speakers & Chairman

Ralph Benton


Anders Jared

Systembolaget AB

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CISO Resume 2025: Company Mindset, Responsibilities and adapting to a digital landscape

How to tackle the security skills to ensure the competences your company needs

AI and Machine Learning - How to secure your company with threat intelligence

Security strategy in digital transformation & cloud - Incorporating security in the digital business strategy

Competence and talent - how to Increase employee awareness?

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Previous Year
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Rebranding cyber risks as business risks
The role of cyber security in the era of the ecosystem
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Erik Blomberg
Handelsbanken AB
Hans Grapenmyr
SentinelOne EMEA
Paolo Passeri
Netskope (EMEA)
Jens Monrad
FireEye Nordics
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Mindful Cyborg
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