600Minutes Cyber Security

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Cyber Security for penetrating discussions and insights on rising cyber security trends, challenges and issues. Covering in-depth topics on security innovations, threat prevention, data protection, and more. This conference aim for those seeking to maximize their returns on cyber security investments. Expand your business relations via 1-to-1 networking sessions with CISOs, C-suites, Information Security executives and top IT leaders from leading companies.

September 04, 2020

The Netherlands

Speakers & Chairperson

Mark Snel


Stef Hoffman

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Royal Philips

Huib Modderkolk

Journalist/Auteur 'Het is oorlog maar niemand die het ziet'
de Volkskrant

Chris van den Brink

CISO, Manager AIM-Security & Compliance
AkzoNobel Head Quarters

Ruben Terlou

Documentary Filmmaker
China Expert

Sebastian Avarvarei

Director Advisory Security Services, Europe
Wolters Kluwer

Rob Faber

Enterprise Security Architect

Event Attendees Include

Canon Production Printing
Director Information Security, Compliance and Governance
AkzoNobel Head Quarters
CISO, Manager AIM-Security & Compliance
Royal Philips
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Group Manager Information Security
NIBC Bank N.V.
Senior IT Risk & Security Consultant
C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V.
DLL Group
Director Information Security, IT Risk and Compliance
Event Themes

In Discussion

Cloud and Security: What are the security risks of Cloud?

Employee Awareness - Build a castle or hold an open door policy?

The necessity of alignment between IT&OT governance

Privacy of your data: The ethical aspect of Artificial Intelligence

Shadow IT: How to be in control of external providers

Event Partners

Solution Providers

Spotlight Videos

Cyberark NL & Nordics
Duo Security EMEA


The impact of geopolitics on your security strategy
Translating cyber risks as business risks
Developing employee awareness or is trust your best defence?
How to use the cloud safe and secure
Can weak cyber security lead to real physical harm?

Speakers & Chairperson

Stef Hoffman
Royal Philips
Gerrie De Jonge
Kay Behnke
Genmab A/S
Peter van Uhm
Ministerie van Defensie - Strijdkrachten
Patric J.M Versteeg
Hogeschool Utrecht
Ronald Pool
CrowdStrike UK Ltd.
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Managing Risks In An Ever-Changing Cyber Landscape

The threat is real - cyber crimes have become a daily concern for businesses around the globe. By 2023, it is estimated that cyber criminals will steal a total of 33 billion records a year, costing companies an average of almost US$4 million per data breach1.   With cyber security becoming of utmost importance to organizations, CISOs have their hands full in threat preventions and security infrastructure developments, especially with the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud. In fact, based on survey findings from Management Events, cloud security is the topmost priority for 54% of CISOs, who are implementing solutions to ensure their organizations are ‘cloud-ready’.   Surprisingly, our survey also found that less than half of CISOs are putting in efforts to raise employee awareness of cyber security. As employees are the first line of defense against cyber attacks, companies cannot afford to be lax on training and educating staffs to be vigilant of ongoing threats. Discover more investment priorities and emerging technologies that CISOs are capitalizing as part of their preventive measures against cyber attacks in our Trend Report - Managing Risks In An Ever-Changing Cyber Landscape. Read up on our special feature on must-know future trends in cyber security, and prepare your organization for 2020.

Here are the report key takeaways:

  • Towards A Robust Strategy

With cyber threats becoming a daily occurrence, CISOs are shifting from reactive to proactive cyber security strategies, especially in increasing employee cyber security awareness.
  • Cyber Breach Prevention

Organizations are also enhancing their data protection through big data analytics to detect real-time threats and prevent breaches.
  • Enhancing Cloud Security

As businesses continue to migrate their data to the cloud, CISOs are establishing security measures for a smooth and secure data transition.
  • Cyber Security For Business Success

CISOs need to realize that cyber security is not just about protecting the organization's data, but should also contribute to business growth.   110 Cyber Security Facts and Statistics for 2018. Norton, 2018.
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