Emerging Technologies - AI, Robotics and IoT

Optimizing The Business Landscape With Smart Technologies

The new decade is bringing more next-generation technologies and more impact on businesses from all industries. Are you ready for the next wave of innovations? Then join us at Emerging Technologies - AI, Robotics and IoT, and connect face-to-face with the who’s who of leading organizations.

This year, our B2B networking event highlights the freshest and latest tech trends shaping the business landscape with in-depth discussions on Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic applications, and more. Exchange thoughts and unique solutions at exclusive one-to-one matched meetings with top-level decision makers and key C-level executives from the top 500 companies.

October 22, 2020


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ALSO Finland Oy
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Securing access to relevant data needed for implementation of emerging technologies
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Jonas Hagner
Posti Group Oyj
Marjaana Suojansalo
Metso Oyj
Janne Vuorenmaa
Veikkaus Oy Ab
Tommi Tuovila
Neste Oyj
Stefan Rosenwald
Daimler Protics GmbH
Prajit Datta
ÅF Pöyry