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Tech-Enabled Solutions For The Decade Ahead

As the business world transitions to Industry 4.0, what smart technologies are impacting the business landscape? How do organizations implement innovations to grow and stay competitive in their respective industry?

Join us at the Technology and Solutions networking forum to explore data-driven business models in the digital economy, cyber security management, and other transformative solutions. This event is a must-attend for organizations adapting to the digital era, and to share solutions with C-level executives and key stakeholders from influential organizations.

November 17, 2020


Speakers & Chairperson

Minna Kärhä

Head of Data
Finnair Oyj

Event Attendees Include

Finnair Oyj
Head of Data
Event Themes

In Discussion

Augmenting IoT with artificial intelligence

Driving security and privacy in the connected ecosystem

Utilizing cloud - platforms, infrastructures and applications

Process efficiency through robotics

Digital workplace: empowered and connected workforce

Event Partners

Solution Providers
Markit Finland
ImproveIt Oy

Spotlight Videos

Previous Year

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Suomen Konehuone Oy


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Speakers & Chairperson

Previous Year
Satu Haikarainen
Lindström Oy
Pentti Peisa
Wärtsilä Oyj
Vesa Hagström
Johannes Ervamaa
Patrik Maltusch
Jonas Hagner
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