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Moving Towards People-Enablement Strategies

600Minutes Human Resources is back with deeper insights into the people ecosystem and innovative solutions to achieve employee satisfaction. Explore the exponential growth of intelligent HR technologies and the trend towards a collaborative human-machine environment with forward-thinking leaders and visionary players. Grab this opportunity to share solutions and develop business partnerships through exclusive virtual 1-to-1 meetings with CHROs and key decision makers from the top 500 organizations. Join us at our virtual networking forum and experience your most productive work day!

November 05, 2020


Speakers & Chairperson

Martina Eissing

Head of Development & Head of HR PostMail
Die Schweizerische Post AG

Dirk Stoltenberg

Global Head of HR
Oetiker Schweiz AG

Michael Uebersax

Head of Learning & Development Central & Eastern Europe
Swissport International Ltd.

Jürg Gabathuler

Leiteung MAS Ausbildungsmanagement
Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft (ZHAW)

Florian Deumeland

Head of Corporate Communication
AMEOS Gruppe

To Be Announced


To be announced

PeopleDoc Germany GmbH

To be announced

LinkedIn GmbH (Central Europe - DACH, Poland, The Netherlands)

Event Attendees Include

Swissport International Ltd.
Head of Learning & Development Central & Eastern Europe
Belimo Holding AG
Head of HR
Saurer AG
VP Corporate Learning & Development
Future Workforce Engineering
Repower AG
Head of HR
Swisscard AECS AG
HR Manager
Generali (Schweiz) Holding AG
Chief Human Resources and Logistics Officer
VP Bank (Schweiz) AG
HR Projects & Change Management
Luzerner Kantonalbank AG
Head of HR Controlling / Deputy Head of HR
Hilti Schweiz AG
Head of Talent Acquisition / HR Business Partner
AMEOS Gruppe
Head of Corporate Communication
Abraxas Informatik AG
Head of HR
Universitätsspital Zürich
Head of HR Consulting
LIPO Einrichtungsmärkte AG
Head of HR
Event Themes

In Discussion

Predictive analytics in HR

Winning the rematch in a new era of digital transformation

Leadership and Culture in times of uncertainty and change

Learnings from the Corona Situation Room: The role of HR & Leadership in the crisis

Strategic Ressource Planning - How Corona and new business models disrupt our HR strategies

Event Partners

Solution Providers
Trianon AG

Spotlight Videos

PeopleDoc Germany GmbH


Agile HR - Possible solutions for future HR Models
Transformation of the corporate culture: Foundation for a solid employer branding
Brave new world of work 4.0
Leadership Development - Away from commanding and more towards leading and trust?
The "Big Fight for the Talents" - Best practices and trends from recruiting, retention and talent management

Speakers & Chairperson

Rene Behr
IWC Schaffhausen
Jean-Pierre Schmid
Generali (Schweiz) Holding AG
Heidi Bösch
Raiffeisen Schweiz Genossenschaft
Gökhan Denizhan
LC Waikiki
Katrin Krömer
Deutsche Bahn AG
Stephan Walliser
Basler Versicherung AG
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Transformational HR: The People Strategy

As organizations shift towards a more diverse and inclusive multigenerational workforce, chief human resources officers (CHROs) are playing an increasingly important role in the ‘talent war’ to attract top employees. Talent acquisition is only the beginning, however, as CHROs have to be on top of leading HR trends and technologies to develop a company culture that increases employee engagement and talent retention. Uncover which emerging technologies are top priorities for HR leaders from the top 500 companies in improving employee experience and talent management in our trend report, Transformational HR: The People Strategy, and get a headstart for next year with our special feature on HR trends of 2020.

Here are the report key takeaways:


Finding employee behavioral patterns is only the surface of data analytics. The modern CHROs are harnessing data to find actionable solutions for current and future talent development and management.

More manual tasks are taken over by machine learning while Internet of Things (IoT) are helping with real-time employee training and communication for a more efficient and productive workforce.

As the cost of hiring, and losing, talents increases, the next-gen CHROs are focusing more on rightsourcing, and upskilling their existing workforce through easily consumable training programs.

Majority of CHROs are shifting to voice technologies to assist their function with real-time training, recruitment, frequent HR questions, problem-solving, and employee-related tasks.
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