Smart Retail Norway

The uncertain industry - Are you steering in the right direction?

As emergent technologies continue to disrupt the industries, how are retailers using modern solutions to optimize their customer journey? Join the discussion on the future of commerce in Norway at our Smart Retail conference, where you will meet with industry leaders, top C-level executives and senior management responsible for business developments and growth strategies. Leverage on our unique B2B matchmaking sessions to share solutions and ideas, and establish strategic business partnerships to maximize smart innovations in the retail industry.

March 04, 2021


Speakers & Chairperson

Andreas Niss

Elektroimportøren AS

Espen Karlsen

Jernia AS
Event Themes

In Discussion

The threat of lower entry barriers - Exploring "Retail-as-a-Service" to stay competitive.

Utilizing customer analytics towards personalization to obtain real business value.

Developing OMNI-channel strategy to balance E-commerce vs. "Brick-and-Mortar".

Exceeding customers' expectations while staying sustainable.

Enhancing the employee journey to reach the next level of customer experience.

Event Partners

Solution Providers
Alpha Solutions AS

Spotlight Videos

Quinyx AB
Collector Bank
Mediaset AS


Bridging the gap between traditional and future retail
The influence of digital transformation on customer engagement
Data Retail - knowing the customer better than they know themselves
Digital transformation in a multi-generational workplace
The Impact of Sustainability

Speakers & Chairperson

Arvid Helstedt Tennefoss
Nille AS
Clare Rodgers
Jens Levin
Sitoo AB
Onyi Anyado
Onyi Anyado Media House
Arvid Stenback
Anders Gustaffson
BI Norwegian Business School