600Minutes Future IT

The key to Future IT is reinventing and driving change, a management and people challenge not just technology

Optimize growth within medium-sized business sectors through IT development, from IoT adoption to cloud integration. Covering the key aspects of the digital transformation, 600Minutes Future IT invites you to meet and exchange thoughts with key IT Management from medium-sized enterprises. Grab this chance to showcase your innovative solutions and unlock new business opportunities.

June 09, 2021

The Netherlands

Speakers & Chairperson

Edwin Suk

Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V.

Edwin Idema

General Manager of Global IT Infrastructure
ASICS Corporation

Rob Hendriks

Head of IT

Barend Frans

Publiek/Private Samenwerking op het gebied van digitale opsporing en cybercrime

Mark Gallagher

Formula One Analyst & Author of the book 'The Business of Winning'
Formula One

Aljan de Boer

Trendwatcher & Head of Inspiration

Rik de Weerd

Chief Digital Transformation
Plus Retail B.V.

Rick van Sluijs

Head of IT
North Sea Port

Event Attendees Include

North Sea Port
Head of IT
Nooteboom Trailers
Head of IT
Performation Hotflo
Agile Lead / Manager IT Development
Head of IT
Bel Group Netherlands
ICT Manager
Inbo Adviseurs Stedenbouw- kundigen Architecten
ICT Manager
FD Media Groep
ICT Manager / CISO
B&C International
Head of ICT - Shared Service Center
NBD Biblion
Senior Manager Business Operations
Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V.
ASICS Corporation
General Manager of Global IT Infrastructure
IT Manager
Moba Group B.V.
Head of IT & Digital Transformation
Event Themes

In Discussion

Digitalisation and Process Automation | Creating the IT department of the Future

The eye of the storm | Preparing for the next Cyber Security Incident

How to foster a Data-Driven culture in your organisation

Cooperation between IT and the Business | The essential soft skills for management

Enabling the Emerging Technologies of the next decade | In-house or Outsourcing?

Event Partners

Solution Providers


The IT department as business enabler instead of business support
Efficiency leap enabled by AI and robotics
The Three Principles of Cyber Security
Enterprise software solutions on Augmented&Virtual Reality
Digital Transformation ; Achieving Digital Maturity

Speakers & Chairperson

Anton Obbens
Iron Mountain Nederland
Jerry Cyrus
FD Media Groep
Ton van Rhijn
CZ Groep
Bülent Kiziltan
Harvard University
Frank Keessen
Alexander Meijers
Augmented/Mixed Reality
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IT Deep Dive: Exploring The Quantum Leap In IT

Today’s business systems require the robust extension of IT to reach economies of scale and meet insatiable demand from both consumers and enterprises. As a result, the role of IT has evolved to become more aligned with business objectives, breaking old IT habits. New age IT players are expected to deliver efficient adaptation in favor of the promise of existing and emerging technologies such as blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and more. Our latest Global Trend Report – IT Deep Dive, aims to reveal more significant insights and uncover how IT leaders are tackling the connected and data-centric ecosystem. Download the report to find out the shifting investment priorities of IT leaders.

The following are the report key takeaways:

More CIOs and IT practitioners are turning to RPA that is fast leading the way for businesses to: reduce costly manual processes, eliminate tedious tasks, automate high volume processes and manage rule-based tasks.
Virtual Assistants and Intelligent Agents are becoming the preferred choices and are already turning heads of 45% of surveyed respondents.
While implementation is still low at only 19% are in production, we can expect it to grow in the upcoming years as blockchain and distributed ledger technology continue to mature and are already on the radar of 38% of surveyed respondents.
With 5G network technology, the role of IT will be even more paramount to organizations in order to facilitate the scale of use of existing network architectures and next-generation technologies including other Edge-to-Edge capabilities.  
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