600Minutes Executive IT

Maximizing Transformative Digital Technologies

Look forward to another exhilarating 600Minutes Executive IT! This year, we are bringing more key speakers and notable figures from the IT landscape to share their experiences and insights in leading their organizations through the digital era. Join top CIOs, visionary leaders and forward-thinking executives in exclusive brainstorming sessions on the impact and opportunities of new intelligent technologies in business developments. Share your ideas and gain new foresight at this unique peer-to-peer networking platform!

November 04, 2020


Speakers & Chairperson

Bruno Hennig

Vetropack Holding SA

Event Attendees Include

Acino International AG
Global Head of IT

Event Partners

Solution Providers


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Speakers & Chairperson

Previous Year
Peter Weibel
Sabag Holding AG
Thomas Zinniker
Sascha Maier
IWC Schaffhausen
Eric Dubuis
Comet Holding AG
Chris Dancy
Mindful Cyborg
Prajit Datta
ÅF Pöyry