600Minutes CFO

Leading the business towards profitable sustainable growth and cost-efficiency

The CFO’s role has evolved significantly in recent decades. Today, CFO's range of responsibilities goes far beyond tradition and merges with business strategy and development, IT and even talent management. There is an immense need for CFOs to enable their teams with tools and technologies to sustain their business and remain value driven. Join us virtually at 600Minutes CFO in exploring business finance solutions, technological developments, and strategies to drive profitability and sustainability. Gain insights and share ideas with fellow CFOs, top finance executives and key decision makers through virtual peer-to-peer networking sessions and gain a competitive advantage for your organizational growth.

This fall, join us for our first-ever Metropolis Helsinki, where we will accelerate networking to a whole new level. Connect with CFOs, CIOs, and CHROs from top 500 companies in Finland, immerse yourself in peer-to-peer discussions, and explore various perspectives of collaboration with solution providers on one virtual platform.

September 16, 2020


Speakers & Chairperson

Petra Teräsaho

Senior Vice President, Group Controlling
Stora Enso Oyj

Regina Sippel

Group CFO
Veikkaus Oy Ab

Juha Pankakoski

Executive Vice President, Technologies
Konecranes Oyj

Henkka Hyppönen

Tietokirjailija & puhuja
Guest Speaker

Anett Numa

Digital Transformation Adviser

Reijo Heiskanen

Chief Economist
OP Financial Group

Jyrki Mäki-Kala

Neste Oyj

Juulia Ruuskanen

Management Events

Event Attendees Include

Stora Enso Oyj
Senior Vice President, Group Controlling
Finnair Oyj
Vice President Finance Energy Business Line
Attendo Finland
Fiskars Corporation
VP Finance & Business Development Living
Verkkokauppa.com Oyj
Peab Oy
Head of Strategy and Development, BA Industry at Peab
Hartwall Oy Ab
Raute Oyj
Group Vice President, CFO
Staffpoint Oy
Laakkonen Konserni
Peab Oy
Realia Group Oy
AVARN Security
Event Themes

In Discussion

The role of CFO in creating co-operation within the organization

How to achieve cost-efficiency with new digital investments

Ensuring profitable growth through data analytics and business intelligence

Leading a sustainable finance strategy

Event Partners

Solution Providers


The agile CFO, how to survive and thrive in a disruptive environment
Harnessing emotional intelligence and creativity in leadership
Choosing the profitable digital strategy and projects
CFO - The Involuntary Head of Sustainability

Speakers & Chairperson

Maria Granberg
Maria Granberg Adventures
Tim Wakeford
Viljami Frank
Clausion Oy
Sami Pakarinen
Elinkeinoelämän Keskusliitto
Herkko Soininen
Mehiläinen Oy
Sebastian Nyström
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Beyond Finance: Rise of the Digital CFO

The days of the number-crunching CFO are long gone, replaced by multifaceted financial executives juggling new roles in leadership, operations, strategy and data.

With the advances in disruptive technologies, finance leaders are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA), to automate time-consuming manual jobs, and implementing big data analytics, optical character recognition (OCR) and blockchain to enhance data processing and transparency for effective risk management and decision-making.

Find out how modern CFOs from the top 500 organizations are developing strategies for digital transformation and long-term sustainable value in our latest Trend Report - Beyond Finance: Rise of the Digital CFO, and discover which emerging technology has the highest implementation rate in the near future.

The following are the report key takeaways:

  • Data-Driven CFO

As their role begins to handle both financial and non-financial information, CFOs are capitalizing on optical character recognition (OCR) to ease data capture, and utilizing big data analytics and management to unlock hidden data values.
  • Extreme Automation

Time-saving, cost-effective and efficient, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) are assisting CFOs to quicken tedious financial processes, and deliver accurate reports and strategic data insights.
  • Accessible Interface

By making technology more intuitive and user-friendly, human-computer interaction (HCI) plays a big part in helping the finance function to better interact with emerging technologies to increase productivity.
  • Speedy Efficiency

Speed is vital in the competitive business landscape, and CFOs are anticipating 5G network to provide faster data transfers secured by blockchain’s immutable technology.  
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