600Minutes Executive IT

The Kinetic Leader - Driving Innovation, Growth, and Change

October 04 - 08, 2021


About the Event

As digital transformation accelerates across industries, the role of CIO continues to evolve. CIOs now are becoming business leaders widening their responsibilities beyond IT departments, empowering a culture and setting mindset that encourages agility to support digital transformation.

Join us at the upcoming 600Minutes Executive IT networking event filled with insights related to the evolution of the CIO, C-suit collaboration, driving digitalization, and data &analytics. Gain insights and share experiences with C-suites, top IT executives and strategic decision makers in the Netherlands through inspiring keynotes, discussions, and virtual 1-to-1 networking sessions.


After obtaining his master’s degree in public administration from the University of Leiden & Rotterdam, Pieter started his career as business consultant at Nolan, Norton & Co., as part of KPMG. He conducted several large digital transformation programs in banking & insurance industry. In 2001 he left NNC/KPMG for several senior (operational & commercial) management positions at Pink Elephant (later PinkRoccade/GetronicsPinkRoccade). In 2007 he joined KPN Consumer Market Mobile as an independent program manager. For 12 years he was responsible for large scale complex change programs. His last assignment within KPN was the creation of a Data & Analytics department including conducting company wide data integration programs. As of 2020 Pieter joined the family-owned company Facilicom (GOM/Trigion/Facilicom Solutions/Food&i/Incluzio) as group CIO. Currently he is responsible for the digital transformation of Facilicom.

Pieter Zeestraten

Chief Information Officer
Facilicom Group

Perry van der Weyden (1960) is hoofdingenieur-directeur Rijkswaterstaat Centrale Informatievoorziening. Als chief information officer maakt hij deel uit van het bestuur Rijkswaterstaat. Van der Weyden is CIO of the Year 2019.Van der Weyden studeerde Nederlands recht aan de Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam. Hij begon zijn loopbaan bij de gemeente Rotterdam (sociale zaken en werkgelegenheid). In 1995 stapte hij over naar PinkRoccade, waar hij senior business consultant outsourcing was. Van 2003 tot 2011 was Van der Weyden directeur Shared services organisatie ICT bij het toenmalige ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat. Hierna werkte hij als directeur Shared service center ICT Haaglanden bij het ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties. Sinds 2014 is Van der Weyden hoofdingenieur-directeur Centrale Informatievoorziening.

Perry van der Weyden


Kees Gerretse

CIO & Transformation Director
TATA Steel Nederland

Renske Paans-Over

Global Head of Talent & CHRO

Remco Brouwer

Senior Vice President Digital Transformation

Danny van Daal


Leo Brand

Royal Vopak

Annerie Vreugdenhil

Chief Innovation Officer | Head of ING Neo
ING Group

Saskia Van den Muijsenberg

Tedx speaker & CEO

Jeroen Smit

Journalist & Bestseller Author
Leadership Speaker

Johan Sporre

Head of IT Cloud Services, Group IT
Ericsson AB

Featured Sessions

Panel discussion : CIOs Data Strategy Playbook
Double Down on your Data – Turning it into Business Value
Over the past decade, many organizations have come to recognize that their future success will depend on data & AI. Companies can compete, identify new clients/markets and strengthening relationships, due to the enormous growth of data.

During this panel discussion, the panelists will dive into the opportunities and dark sides of data.

• Seamless data Integration - How can CIOs ensure a successful data integration with the business processes of the organization?
• Effective data analysis - How to stay out of the rabbit holes?
• Doing the right things - How should CIOs approach ethics and privacy
Speakers: Pieter Zeestraten - Facilicom Group, Perry van der Weyden - Rijkswaterstaat, Kees Gerretse - TATA Steel Nederland
Case presentation : Fire Chat
The Power of Cross Functional Collaboration – Providing Employees the Internal IT Experience They Deserve
The last year's organizations have mainly focused on increasing the customer experience but missed out when it comes to the IT experience of their own employees. Although, CIOs are in the best position to drive positive Employee Experience change for their organizations, as their technology touches employees all day, every day.

During this session, Renske Paans-Over and Remco Brouwer discuss ways to improve the collaboration with IT & HR in order to provide a better employee experience.

• Shaping the future - What should be on the IT agenda for driving a better employee experience?
• Idea sharing - How can IT and HR successfully collaborate and understand each other's needs and capabilities?
• Technology optimization - What are the needed tools to build a great employee experience and how to create a culture that actively encourages them?
Speakers: Renske Paans-Over - Randstad, Remco Brouwer - Randstad
Panel discussion : Let's Talk Digital
Innovate Through Disruption - Leading the 'Forced' Transformation Within the Enterprise
Crisis is like adrenaline for innovation, causing barriers that once took years to overcome to evaporate in a matter of days. The whole situation has fundamentally changed the way to do business over the next five years. Digital has become central to every interaction, forcing both organizations and individuals further up the adoption curve almost overnight.

The leading voices of this interactive panel discussion will exchange insights on keeping pace with changing times and technologies.

• Think, lead, disrupt - How to manage and lead change at a pace that far exceeds that of prior experiences?
• Business model evolution - What are the barriers and drivers to create sustainable business growth?
• Keeping your business on track - Which technologies should business leaders focus on and how to adopt them?
Speakers: Danny van Daal - HEMA, Leo Brand - Royal Vopak, Annerie Vreugdenhil - ING Group
Leadership presentation : Hotspot
Learning from Biomimicry - Nature as Source of Inspiration for Business Innovation
Every so often, an idea comes around that is a game-changer. After we hear it and understand it, we never see the world quite the same ever again. Biomimicry is such an idea. Nature’s forms inspire efficiencies beyond what we thought was possible. Nature’s processes are way ahead of the cutting edge of our technologies. Nature’s systems encompass the wisdom and genius of billions of years of experience in adapting to constant change on a finite planet.

In this talk, Saskia addresses the biomimicry opportunities within exponential change and the future of business. She argues why Natural Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence should be at the forefront of business innovation.

• Lessons - What can we learn from nature?
• Impact – What are the business opportunities of Nature Intelligence?
• Problems - How can nature help to solve your business challenges?
Speaker: Saskia Van den Muijsenberg - BiomimicryNL
Leadership presentation : An ‘IT Activist' - Driving Purpose on a Long-Term Sustainable Future
A CIO driven by purpose and a strong focus on a (very) long-term sustainable future, will be successful in the 21-the century. During this session, will Jeroen dare the audience to create impact as a business leader.
Speaker: Jeroen Smit - Leadership Speaker
Event Themes

In Discussion

Business model evolution: Surviving disruptive times with flexibility and agility

C-suite IT collaboration - Delivering innovation, customer satisfaction and employee experience

Digital adoption - Overcoming challenges in scaling and speeding-up your business

Data champions – Preparing for the unknown future

The modern IT leader - Moving from being a functional to a strategic business perspective

Spotlight Videos


AT&T Global Network Services Nederland
Workday B.V.
Interxion - A Digital Realty Company
Cisco Security EMEA


Transition and long-term strategy changes after COVID-19
Creating a culture of innovation and a place for digital talent to thrive
Connecting and leveraging data for added business value
IT Agility: The ability to adapt to an ever changing customer, marketing and employee demand
How can Digital Transformation provide the required business continuity?


Antony Finn
ThousandEyes Inc
Tony Fergusson
Vincent Vloemans
Perfetti Van Melle
Daniel Gebler
Sinan Can
Martijn Koning
Alliander N.V.