600Minutes Executive IT

Gear up for our annual 600Minutes Executive IT! This year, we are gathering notable IT leaders and experts to share their ideas and insights in leading their organizations through the digital landscape. Join CIOs, other C-levels, visionary decision makers and forward-thinking top executives in our unique face-to-face brainstorming sessions on the latest IT innovations. Share your solutions and gain new foresight at this exclusive B2B matchmaking platform!

September 23, 2020


Speakers & Chairperson

Andreas Stadler

CIO IT and Operations
Erste Bank AG/Erste Group Bank AG

Christian Paul

Head of Corporate Security, CSO & CISO
Österreichische Post AG

Bernhard Krick

Innovation Leader Digital Banking & Data
s IT Solutions AT Spardat GmbH

Michael Lander

Head of IT Siemens AG Österreich
Siemens AG Österreich

Erik Benesch

Head of ERP/SAP Services Siemens Europe
Siemens AG Österreich

Walter Steinhauser, MBA

Group Applications & Data Technical Director
Autovista Group

Dr. Alireza Borhani

Global Digitalization Leader
Nøsted &

Matthias Lichtenthaler

Head of Digital Government & Innovation
Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH (BRZ)

Reiner Hörger

Pentalog Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt

Event Attendees Include

Bundesministerium für Arbeit, Soziales, Gesundheit und Konsumentenschutz
Head of IT Security
Siemens AG Österreich
Head of IT Siemens AG Österreich
Erber AG
Donau Chemie Aktiengesellschaft
Head of IT Infrastructure
Erste Bank AG/Erste Group Bank AG
Head of IT Projects & Processes
Flextronics International GmbH
Head of Corporate IT Risk Management & Compliance
Knapp AG
Head of IT Service Management Corporate IT
Wiener Börse AG
Stora Enso Wood Products GmbH
Vice President, Group IT
Schmid Industrieholding G.m.b.H.
Senoplast Klepsch & Co GmbH
Head of IT, Head of Electronic Data Processing
MED-EL Elektromedizinische Geräte Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Head of Corporate Information Technology
Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft (AG)
Head of Digitization
Event Themes

In Discussion

Scaling emerging technologies to build new business models

Organizational resilience against future cyber attacks

Mastering the powerful combination of intelligent automation and future-proof workforce

Engaging high performing IT teams and creating a culture for digital talent to thrive

Placing agility into the IT agenda: from application development into an actionable framework for increasing overall organizational agility.

Event Partners

Solution Providers
One Identity DACH


AI: Replacement for manpower or helpful innovation
IT Security: How to protect your company in times of technological overload?
Internet of Things and Business Ecosystems: How to create a significant advantage for your company?
Business Transformation - future challenges on management

Speakers & Chairperson

Martin Stierle
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Peter Gregorc
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Bernd Datler
ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
Franz Hoheiser-Pförtner
Ma 01 - Wien Digital
Reinhard Kugler
SBA Research gGmbH
Bernd Datler
ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
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IT Deep Dive: Exploring The Quantum Leap In IT

Today’s business systems require the robust extension of IT to reach economies of scale and meet insatiable demand from both consumers and enterprises. As a result, the role of IT has evolved to become more aligned with business objectives, breaking old IT habits. New age IT players are expected to deliver efficient adaptation in favor of the promise of existing and emerging technologies such as blockchain, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and more. Our latest Global Trend Report – IT Deep Dive, aims to reveal more significant insights and uncover how IT leaders are tackling the connected and data-centric ecosystem. Download the report to find out the shifting investment priorities of IT leaders.

The following are the report key takeaways:

More CIOs and IT practitioners are turning to RPA that is fast leading the way for businesses to: reduce costly manual processes, eliminate tedious tasks, automate high volume processes and manage rule-based tasks.
Virtual Assistants and Intelligent Agents are becoming the preferred choices and are already turning heads of 45% of surveyed respondents.
While implementation is still low at only 19% are in production, we can expect it to grow in the upcoming years as blockchain and distributed ledger technology continue to mature and are already on the radar of 38% of surveyed respondents.
With 5G network technology, the role of IT will be even more paramount to organizations in order to facilitate the scale of use of existing network architectures and next-generation technologies including other Edge-to-Edge capabilities.  
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