600Minutes Procurement, Production and Supply Chain

Join us at 600Minutes Procurement, Production and Supply Chain for insightful discussions and talks on the trends, issues and future of supply chain. This exclusive event will highlight applications of advanced technologies, innovative solutions and best practices to achieve a successful ecosystem of suppliers, collaborators and customers for your organization. Additionally, grab this opportunity to connect face-to-face with top-level executives and decision makers from the largest companies across all functions.

October 22, 2019


Speakers & Chairman

Jesus Ruiz

CTO Alastria
Alastria - National Blockchain Ecosystem

Omera Khan

Strategic Supply Chain Risk Expert | Professor | CEO | Author | Speaker

J.T. Bergqvist

Group CEO, Chairman of the Board
Huurre Group Oy

András Koroknay-Pál

Head of Sourcing, Green Coffee & Hedging
Paulig Oy

Markus Hiedanniemi

Group Warehouse Director
Carlsberg Supply Company

Magnus Jones

Nordic Blockchain Lead for EY Tax & Law

Harri Kämppä

Vice President, Logistics Outsourcing Solutions
Posti Group Oyj

Krista Drescher

Vice President, Indirect Procurement
Cargotec Oyj

Confirmed Attendees

Nokian Renkaat Oyj
Plant Director
Alko Oy
Procurement Manager
Realia Group Oy
Procurement Manager
Cramo Oyj
Manager, Global Sourcing
Vaisala Oyj
Head of Sourcing and Supply Chain Development
UPM Kymmene Oyj
Development Director, UPM Sourcing
Teleste Oyj
Director, Supply Chain
BE Group Oy Ab
Procurement Director
Valio Oy
Plant Director
UPM Kymmene Oyj
Director, Sourcing, Indirect Material and Services
The Themes

In Discussion

Competitive edge through automation and digitalization

Efficiency in end-to-end production process

Building a business strategy on sustainable partnerships

Workforce leadership as a strategic necessity

Environmentally improved services and products

Solution Providers

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Previous Year

ALMA Consulting Oy


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Speakers & Chairman

Previous Year
Sami Oja
Neste Oyj
Krista Drescher
Cargotec Oyj
Pasi Antinmaa
Nokian Renkaat Oyj
Hertta Vuorenmaa
Aalto yliopisto
Harri Lorentz
Turun Yliopisto
Johan Wollin
Volvo Construction Equipment AB