Business Analytics

Business Analytics sets data and analytics as the basis for decision making across the organization, and validates the monetary value of data. Meet high-level Management Executives who have investment needs and are suitable for business partnerships. At the event you will meet and exchange thoughts with IT, Finance and Business Management responsible for investments in business intelligence and analytics.

September 26, 2019



Jan Kjær Heering

Head of Department - Data Engineering & BI
ATP (Arbejdsmarkedets Tillægspension)

Frederik Nordentoft

Head of Business Insights
Danske Spil A/S

Confirmed attendees

Danske Spil A/S
Head of Business Insights
The Themes

In Discussion

Leveraging data across platforms and organizations

Creating a winning uniform data strategy

How to lead an analytics-driven organization

Self-service analytics - Closing the gap between business and technology

Future Vision: Developments in the Field of Data & Analytics and Practical examples

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Microstrategy Denmark

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Kapacity A/S
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The Road To The Data-Driven Organization & Culture
Platform Economy & Digital Ecosystems: Data Driven Business Models In The Future
Effective Applicaton of Data-science, Machine learning & AI To Enhance Analytics
The Art Of Mastering Real-time Data Streams & Visualization
Handling Data Management and Data Ownership
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Søren Christian Drewes Høyer
Peter Yde Thomsen
ISS World Services A/S
Mark Frank Hedegaard
Ole Busk Poulsen
Nordea Bank Danmark A/S
Pelle Eiland
FairPeople Denmark
Niels Bering Larsen
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