600Minutes Executive Finance

Creating the finance function of the future through technology and developing people

Join us for the latest issues, highlights and challenges in today’s finance landscape at the upcoming 600Minutes Executive Finance networking event. Take a moment to explore trending issues and key investments that are on the minds of leading CFOs and other top decision makers, who are seeking solutions to transform their function and organizations for the new digital decade.

Gain deep insights and showcase your solutions to these top C-level executives in exclusive pre-matched 1-to-1 meetings. Expand your network and build strategic business partnerships.

September 02, 2020

The Netherlands

Speakers & Chairperson

Gavin van Boekel

Unilever Food Solutions

Hugo Mans

Finance Director
Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Harald Seidel

DAF Trucks N.V.

Maarten Laukens

Global Business Advisor

Hans van Leeuwen


Onyi Anyado

Global Leadership Speaker and Futurist
Onyi Anyado Media House

Claudio Sampietro

FP&A Product Manager
Sigma Conso

Event Attendees Include

DAF Trucks N.V.
Frencken Group B.V.
CFO & COO Blue Square Re
DHL Parcel Benelux
CFO digital transformation
C&A Nederland B.V.
CFO Benelux
VP Group Finance
ING Group
CFO Commercial Finance NL & ING Lease NL
CFO Nordics & Country CFO Denmark
Nederlandse Spoorwegen
Finance Director
Event Themes

In Discussion

Digitalisation and Automation | The Finance department of the future

Use of Data in Finance | An Analytical environment

CFO and cooperation with the Business, Necessary Soft Skills

The next steps of Robotics | Will AI rule the future Finance department?

Managing through times of Crisis | Imperatives for CFOs

Event Partners

Solution Providers


The CFO and CIO partnership is key: automation isn't a Finance task purely
Digital Finance Transformation - The applicability of Automation and Robotics
Purpose, Performance and People - 3 great leadership principles for the future CFO
An agile organisation in a disruptive environment

Speakers & Chairperson

Gerrit Keen
Frank den Dulk
CGI Netherlands
Peter de Laat
Brunel International N.V.
Anne van Ravenstein
Marc Grasso
Mediq B.V.
Tim Wakeford
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Beyond Finance: Rise of the Digital CFO

The days of the number-crunching CFO are long gone, replaced by multifaceted financial executives juggling new roles in leadership, operations, strategy and data.

With the advances in disruptive technologies, finance leaders are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, such as machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA), to automate time-consuming manual jobs, and implementing big data analytics, optical character recognition (OCR) and blockchain to enhance data processing and transparency for effective risk management and decision-making.

Find out how modern CFOs from the top 500 organizations are developing strategies for digital transformation and long-term sustainable value in our latest Trend Report - Beyond Finance: Rise of the Digital CFO, and discover which emerging technology has the highest implementation rate in the near future.

The following are the report key takeaways:

  • Data-Driven CFO

As their role begins to handle both financial and non-financial information, CFOs are capitalizing on optical character recognition (OCR) to ease data capture, and utilizing big data analytics and management to unlock hidden data values.
  • Extreme Automation

Time-saving, cost-effective and efficient, machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA) are assisting CFOs to quicken tedious financial processes, and deliver accurate reports and strategic data insights.
  • Accessible Interface

By making technology more intuitive and user-friendly, human-computer interaction (HCI) plays a big part in helping the finance function to better interact with emerging technologies to increase productivity.
  • Speedy Efficiency

Speed is vital in the competitive business landscape, and CFOs are anticipating 5G network to provide faster data transfers secured by blockchain’s immutable technology.  
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