Whose Responsibility Should Customer Experience Be?

Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales | Insight | Published 22. Dec. 16

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Outstanding customer experience delivery seems to be on everyone's agenda today, but since it's relatively new, which department or personality should assume responsibility for its planning, execution, and leadership?

For Sanoma Pro Oy’s Customer Experience Director Salla Ketola, customer experience is the responsibility of the management team, “It shouldn’t be designated to just some functions or a single person in the company. It must be holistic. Today’s business and information technology departments have more roles to play and opportunities to collaborate. The inclusion of everything and involvement of everyone, not just the Managing Director, are keys in delivering at least a good enough customer experience in different touch points.”

Petri Huikko, Head of Customer Experience and New Services at RAY’s (short for Raha-automaattiyhdistys, Finland’s Slot Machine Association) couldn’t agree more, “Executing customer experience strategy is an organizational responsibility. Planning, however, requires specific resources. The implementation is for the whole organization, but everyone in the organization is responsible for customer experience.”

OP Financial Group’s Omni-Channel Experience Lead Tuomas Manninen expounds, “Executing and planning customer experience strategy is everyone’s job. That’s a given, but more concretely and especially in digitalization, customer experience creation has to have a balance of three things:

  • Customer Understanding – Design plays a key role in the creation of desirable customer service, the products, and functions. 
  • Viability – But what do those mean for the business? What’s their business value? 
  • Feasibility – What’s needed for execution? Do you have the technology, resources, and competence to create?

There’s no point in knowing what the customers want if it doesn’t have a reasonable business value and you don’t have the resources to create.” 

If customer experience strategy planning and execution is everyone’s job, how about its leadership?

PlusTerveys Oy’s CMO Miina Pulkkinen says, “It should always be in the business side because the other units can’t say who the customers and what the targets are.”

An opinion that Tieto’s Customer Experience Management Principal Consultant Fredrik Bergström shares,”It used to be more of an IT issue and the CIO’s responsibility to implement the e-commerce platform solution, for example, but now it’s a business decision and on an executive level too, especially if it’s a large organizational change that needs to be carried out.  In cases like this, it’s Marketing and the CDO who should be leading the work.”

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