The Power of Cognitive Solutions

Digital Business | Co-creation | Published 12. Jul. 16

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It's a must for companies nowadays to constantly come up with new ways to communicate and create value for their customers. But is that actually possible without burning out or running dry? OlapCon Oy's Partner and Sales Director Jyri-Pekka Makkonen wholeheartedly believes so, but with a lot of help from cognitive solutions.


Customers leave digital footprints on every process and interaction and they can now be captured, thanks to digitalization. But a faster and more efficient processing of large volumes of data calls for more advanced solutions. Enter cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and robotics — the game-changing cognitive solutions that can enable companies to not just be competitive, but to possibly even lead.

“The greatest opportunities are in cognitive computing and robotics, which will change the ways we use data in business,” says Jyri-Pekka Makkonen, Partner and Sales Director at OlapCon Oy.

With data and technology, companies can discover new competitive advantages and adjust their products and services, accordingly.

Benefits of Cognitive Solutions

Aside from enabling companies to possess knowledge or insight on their customer, cognitive solutions also offer the following opportunities according to Makkonen:

  • Cognitive computing and robotics can fuel innovation and business model disruption. New business models can also mean creation of new jobs.
  • Digitalization of customer service processes will be accelerated by cognitive solutions that are able to make services adaptable and personalize the ways they interact. No longer do customers need to learn a new language or use a translator as the machine or program they’re interacting with can understand their native language. And someday as these machines learn more, they’ll be able to communicate and interact with human beings in a more human-like manner.
  • Robotics can automate manual and repetitive processes and therefore increase productivity. This will save companies from outsourcing routinary jobs and save some money.

OlapCon Oy will be attending our 600Minutes Strategic Business Development event in Finland on the 13th of October 2016 as a solution provider. 

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