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New Technologies to Swedish Contact Centers

Swedish companies are providing their contact centers with new tools. Chat and instant messaging solutions were on the top of the list of investments in the recent Management Events' Executive Trend Survey.

13. Aug. 14

Management Dashboards Come to Dutch Business Intelligence

Dutch companies favor management dashboards when investing in business intelligence solutions and platforms.

13. Aug. 14

Precise Cost and Profitability Analysis Needed from Business Intelligence

Cost and profitability analysis is considered as the most important task for business intelligence and analytics in Finland, sums up the recent Management Events Executive Trend Survey.

13. Aug. 14

Competency-Based Rewarding Proceeds in Poland

Polish HR decision makers see a growing need for competency-based rewarding system, highlights the recent Management Events' Executive Trend Survey.

12. Aug. 14

Only Few Companies in Finland Outsource a Major Part of Their Customer Service

57% of the Finnish companies studied in the Management Events' Executive Trend Survey keep the whole customer service in their own hands.

12. Aug. 14

Medical Records Top Investment Area in Swiss Healthcare

Developing even better medical records is widely considered as the most important investment area in Swiss healthcare, tells the recent Management Events' Executive Trend Survey.

12. Aug. 14

Telecom Industry Invests in Mobile Services and Next Generation Networks

Technology investments in the telecommunication industry of the German speaking DACH countries focus on service entities to mobile devices and to building next generation networks.

31. Jul. 14

Innovation Needs Cooperation Between Business and Product Development

Danish companies focus their development projects on cooperation between business and product development and commercialization.

30. Jul. 14

Swiss HR Focuses on Change Management

Like in many other European countries, the HR organizations in the largest companies in Switzerland focus on performance and change management.

30. Jul. 14

Finnish Marketing Leaders Invest Heavily in CRM Solutions

CRM solutions continue to be the first IT investment priority of Finnish marketing executives, according to Management Events' recent survey.

17. Jul. 14

BI and Big Data Are a Top Priority in IT

55% of Turkish CIOs see business intelligence and big data as one of the critical investment areas in their organization, sums up Managements Events' recent survey.

16. Jul. 14

Change Management Is a Top Priority in Production

In Management Events’ survey, 46% of the production and manufacturing leaders name change management as a critical focus area in their organization.

16. Jul. 14

Finnish Companies Are Building an Unified Service Experience

Two thirds of the Finnish companies responding to Management Events' Executive Trend Survey have development projects concerning unified service experience.

12. Jul. 14

IT Outsourcing Plans Concern Mostly Infrastructure in Sweden

IT infrastructure is by far the biggest area where Swedish companies have IT investment and outsourcing plans.

10. Jul. 14

Dutch Retailers Focus on Chain and Store Concepts

Development of retail chain and store concepts is the top on the list of upcoming investment areas and development projects of the Dutch retail sector.

10. Jul. 14

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