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Tailor-Made Customer-Centric Service Model as a Key Customer Experience Differentiator

What has changed in excellent customer experience delivery today? For PQR's Mourad Rerhioui, "Anyone can prepare, choose, and benchmark services, today."

27. Apr. 17

Wat bepaalt het succes in IT innovatie?

Innovatie wordt volgens i³ groep gedreven door business behoeften van haar klanten. Managing Director Rob W.A. Vissers verwoordt het als volgt: “Innovatie biedt organisaties een concurrentievoordeel, het is de onderscheidende factor die verkopen kan verhogen of een TCO kan verlagen. Dat betekent dat onze klanten continu op zoek moeten naar nieuwe IT-oplossingen die de status quo uitdagen, betere resultaten bieden, risico’s inperken en TCO verlagen.”

26. Apr. 17

Expanding Business Overseas: 5 Tips for IT and Service Companies

Expanding your business overseas isn't a walk in the park, in fact, it can be dangerous. So, what does it take to go abroad?

26. Apr. 17

IFRS Consolidation Successfully Mastered

Structural growth and more stringent formal accounting requirements are the decisive factors that CFOs are having to contend with today. We are having to rethink the whole process, since working with traditional systems is no longer proving sufficient. The challenges of preparing consolidated financial statements are too complex. The software and financial services provider Avaloq is shaping its future with innovative technology from LucaNet (Schweiz) AG.

24. Apr. 17

Six Compelling Reasons for HR to Go Fully Digital

Drastic changes are happening across industries and one of the first functions affected is Human Resources. With new competency requirements come talent acquisition challenges.How should HR respond?

20. Apr. 17

Artificial Intelligence is Becoming a Part of Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more affordable, and can already be used as a cloud service. Tuomo Haukkovaara, Vice President, Solutions, IBM Nordic, explains how Artificial Intelligence can be used as a smart helper for a company.

19. Apr. 17

How to Solve IT’s Underperformance

As organizations move to the cloud, the gap between the needs and expectations of the business and the ability of IT to deliver grows. Companies need a solution that allows networks to be a lot more flexible and agile, and according to Riverbed Technology's Norway Country Manager Trygve Wettestad, it's exactly what they offer.

19. Apr. 17

Good is the Enemy of Excellent in Customer Experience Delivery

For Intrum Justitia Oy's Key Account Manager Veli-Pekka Harjuoja, if companies want to stop losing customers to competitors, then they've to pay close attention to what customers are saying regarding how they want things done.

17. Apr. 17

Are robots going to destroy the finance function?

The conclusion should be no, it’s not about destroying, but about transforming the finance function.

17. Apr. 17

Full Service Plus Added Value Equals Excellent Customer Experience Delivery

Digitalization has changed businesses and customers alike. To survive and thrive in the new environment, it's a must for companies to be fully customer-centric and highly service oriented.

12. Apr. 17

How Digitalization is a Friend to the Industrial Industry

For Christiaan van Veen, Manager Asset Management at ERIKS, aside from cybersecurity threats resulting from digital transformation and all the other tech trends, digitalization is a friend to the industrial industry and its customers, not a foe.

12. Apr. 17

Accelerating Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with Simplified Performance Management

“Unlike others we don’t want to 'kill' Excel — we empower users to leverage the tools they love and transform them into powerful and governed business instrument.”

10. Apr. 17

Risikomanagement im E-Commerce des 21. Jahrhunderts

In der Vergangenheit bestand Risikomanagement im Handel im Wesentlichen daraus, den potentiellen Kunden vor der Genehmigung unsicherer Zahlarten (insbesondere des Kauf auf Rechnung) bei einer Auskunftei auf negative Zahlungserfahrungen und Insolvenz zu prüfen. Für die unbelasteten Kaufinteressenten wird dann meist über einige Firmen-interne Regeln eine maximale Bestellhöhe definiert.

07. Apr. 17

How to Go Live within Six Weeks?

avantum consult AG was tasked to set up a planning solution that would streamline and simplify Heidelberger Druckmaschinen's planning and forecasting process in just six weeks. How did they do it? See the step-by-step process.

07. Apr. 17

Automatic Recruitment Edge with Predictive Analytics

Either "specialists" and "high potentials" are in shorter supply or the competition has gotten a lot better. Either way, recruitment is having a tougher time finding and keeping talents using the old HR ways. avantum consult AG says it's time to switch to predictive analytics.

06. Apr. 17

The Most Efficient Working Day!

Invited Guests

The most efficient working day. Insights and ideas from the stage and from a network of executives. The best solutions for your business challenges.

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Solution Providers

Meet executives with investment needs. Bring your solutions and insights to your most potential clients. 11 markets, 20 000 executives, guaranteed meetings.

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Management Events brings together top-level executives and solution providers, providing high value to both parties. Our concept attracts 20 000 visionary leaders to our events in eleven countries, over 170 times a year. Management Events Surveys provides insights and trends for solution providers and executives, helping them gain deeper understanding of challenges and needs of the largest corporations.

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