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The New Role of Service and Maintenance Business

Service business is constantly changing. We’ve witnessed the machine builders’ evolution into a service-driven business, and now we’re entering a new and almost unknown era – of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, sensors, data, analytics, IoT, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D printing – which will surely change the world in the coming years. We might not yet know how, but we know they definitely will.

18. May 17

Full Service Plus Added Value Equals Excellent Customer Experience Delivery

Digitalization has changed businesses and customers alike. To survive and thrive in the new environment, it's a must for companies to be fully customer-centric and highly service oriented.

12. Apr. 17

Internet of Things as a Driver for Smart ERP

Since the dawn of ERP systems, the sole role of machine generated data was to enable the proper execution of the supply chain. With the ongoing adoption of cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine communication enables collaborative shop floor planning and machine generated (big) data presents a value in its own right. This paradigm shift calls for new Smart ERP systems that make use of big data in (predictive) planning throughout the entire value chain and create the transparency for improved governance, risk, security, and compliance management.

21. Mar. 17

Is Your Supply Chain Industry 4.0 Ready?

What is Industry 4.0? And how does a supply chain begin to prepare for it? SupplyOn shares their expertise.

15. Feb. 17

Five Supply Chain Myths, Busted

Five supply chain myth busters taken from the R&G white paper "What you don’t know about your supply chain."

09. Feb. 17

Co-Creation Over Competition is the Modern Supply Chain’s New Motto

Osman Akdemir, Director Innovations, Yellowstar Solutions on what keeps the supply chain afloat and thriving in the age of disruption.

24. Jan. 17

Supply Chain Ascending

Today, 50% of supply chain executives have already fought their way to the boardroom. It's a 180-degree turn from a decade ago. What's changed?

19. Dec. 16

Blockchain – the Next Internet?

How to make a distinction between empty hype and something that is going to change the world? That is a tricky question. However, it does feel quite safe to rely on something that is already founded by such organizations like Linux Foundation, IBM, Accenture, Cisco and many more. Blockchain is a technology that will revolutionize supply chains, big time.

16. Dec. 16

Four Key Modern Supply Chain Challenges

Janne Karppinen, Procurement Officer at Kemppi Oy sums up what a modern supply chain organization should be: "Agile, transparent, and with more information than material flow."

15. Dec. 16

[Report] The Optimal Supply Chain: Views of Supply Chain, Procurement, and Production Executives

Based on the responses of 616 supply chain, logistics, procurement, and production decision-makers from Europe and Southeast Asia's largest organizations, this report turns the spotlight on this generally overlooked business function.

01. Dec. 16

Five Supply Chain Myths, Busted

Five supply chain myth busters taken from the R&G white paper "What you don’t know about your supply chain."

28. Nov. 16

Samhall AB’s Sofia Andersson is the Swedish Executive of the Year

Samhall AB's Sofia Andersson wins the Management Events Supply Chain and Procurement 2016 Executive of the Year Award in Sweden on the 28th of September 2016.

30. Sep. 16

The Value of PLM and ERP Integration for Worldwide Operations

Roima Intelligence's client company, which runs worldwide operations, is suffering from transparency and production inefficiency issues. How were they solved?

19. Sep. 16

The Best Terminal Devices for Fieldwork Can be Found by Means of Service Design

Devices used in fieldwork should tolerate hits but the most important thing is the user experience. Kauko Oy, an equipment and systems supplier specializing in hardware and software solutions customized for demanding field conditions, implements service design to find out what the user needs.

16. Sep. 16

Procurement, The Millennial Edition

Drastic changes are happening across industries with the Millennials' coming of age. The whats, whys, and hows in procurement, explored in BravoSolution's whitepaper.

17. Aug. 16
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