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Featured Expert: Garry Kasparov

One of the world's greatest chess players of all time wants you to stop wasting your time running away from AI and start preparing for it.

21. Mar. 17

Zaini Bin Mohd Hussain Wins Best IoT Project in SEA

The 2017 Best IoT Project of the Year was awarded to Penang Port Sdn Bhd's Zaini Bin Mohd Hussain.

15. Mar. 17

Is Your Business Ready for the Digital Future?

Why take innovation seriously? eurodata AG's Smart Services COO Frank Reinelt paints a clear picture of the future and shares compelling reasons for companies to embrace change.

23. Jan. 17

Stockholms Stad is the 2016 IoT Influencer of the Year

Stockholms Stad wins the 2016 IoT Influencer of the Year at the Internet of Things, Sweden, on the 7th of December 2016.

19. Dec. 16

ME Meets MO!

It's Movember at Management Events and that means... Mo money, mo awareness raised, and mo men's lives saved.

11. Nov. 16

Lassila & Tikanoja Won the 2016 Practice of the Year Award

Lassila & Tikanoja's "Ajotavan Seuranta" took home the Practice of the Year Award at Management Events' Internet of Things in Finland.

09. Nov. 16

Internet of Things: From Vision to Execution

IoT as we know it today is barely scratching the surface. According to our recent trend survey, Internet of Things: From Vision to Execution, it'll be so huge 10 years from now, it's going to be part of everything.

26. Oct. 16

An Internet of Things To-Do List

Bjørn Inge Dalen, CIO of ISS Facility Services, says that the Internet of Things is already here and it's an organizational responsibility not just IT.

10. Oct. 16

Disruption Four: Greater Global Connections

There's no escaping the disruption age. In this McKinsey infographic “The four global forces breaking all the trends", learn how much the volume of trade, finance, people, and data has increased and how it's contributing to global GDP growth.

06. Oct. 16

Disruption Two: Accelerating Technological Change

There's no escaping the disruption age. In this McKinsey infographic “The four global forces breaking all the trends", learn the disruptive technologies to watch out for and what their potential economic impact is by 2025.

05. Oct. 16

Most Innovative and Inspiring IoT Project in Denmark Goes to Rasmus Ahrenkiel Lyngby

Rasmus Ahrenkiel Lyngby of Siemens Wind Power A/S took home the Most Innovative and Inspiring IoT Project award at the Management Events' Internet of Things event in Denmark last September 7th.

14. Sep. 16

Watch: IoT’s Promise of New Sustainable Growth Models

At the Nordic StrategyForum Internet of Things in Latvia, Riga, Ericsson AB's Aniruddho Basu shared his thoughts on the best possible outcome we can hope for in IoT.

29. Aug. 16

Watch: Internet of Things – From Vision to Execution

In this short infographic video, get a glimpse of how industries are reacting to the Internet of Things.

08. Jul. 16

Infographic: Internet of Things from Vision to Execution

The manufacturing sector has the largest IoT projects, currently, but in the next three years, the Energy and Resources sector is expected to catch up.

24. May 16

Artificial Intelligence in Human Decisions

In April I made one of my regular visits to the Oxford Martin School, where I am a Senior Visiting Fellow with an emphasis in human-machine collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork. This visit I was honored and delighted to meet with over a dozen of the world’s top experts in these matters and in artificial intelligence from Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute, including its director, Nick Bostrom.

23. May 16
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