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The Future is Digital, Change is Now

Axians, provider of a unique array of solutions for designing, implementing and operating ICT infrastructure, stresses the importance of transforming for the digital future now.

27. Dec. 16

How Professional Conversations Enhance Digital CX Management and Optimization

Most new business initiatives require a digital engagement mindset and transformation. These initiatives demand innovative applications, fast networks, as well as agile enterprise architectures to form 24/7 Systems of Engagement. But how to translate those into a coherent digital strategy? Thomas Verhaeghe, Country Manager Benelux, Riverbed Technology, shares his expertise.

08. Dec. 16

Digital Transformation Comes with Social Responsibilities

Advenica CEO Einar Lindquist shares his thoughts on organizational challenges and responsibilities in the digital world.

07. Dec. 16

The Best Customer Service Combines Digital and Human Elements

Personalization and the combination of digital and human service modes are the building blocks of exceptional service design.

02. Nov. 16

Visionary Leader: Rob Llewellyn

Rob Llewellyn is a digital business transformation advisor, strategy and execution leader, author and keynote speaker.

12. Oct. 16

Mobility Boosts Well-Being Businesses

The future of a brand depends on its ability to be present in customers' everyday life. One of the fastest growing industries, well-being, has recently invested remarkably to create new services and expand their existing field.

29. Sep. 16

BTJ Finland Wins the 2016 Digital Project of the Year Award!

BTJ‘s Engageing Customer in the Decision-Making Process won the 2016 Management Events' Project of the Year Award in Finland.

23. Sep. 16

The Power of Cognitive Solutions

It's a must for companies nowadays to constantly come up with new ways to communicate and create value for their customers. But is that actually possible without burning out or running dry? OlapCon Oy's Partner and Sales Director Jyri-Pekka Makkonen wholeheartedly believes so, but with a lot of help from cognitive solutions.

12. Jul. 16

A Digital Big Bang Changes OP Financial Group to a Service Company

OP Financial Group, the biggest bank in Finland, is betting on digitalization and taking steps towards transforming the whole organization to a multi-industry service giant. The change is accelerated by a 2billion euro investment in digitalization. The first actualization of the new strategy will be a country-wide network of hospitals and health centers.

05. Jul. 16

What to Look For in an Automated Invoice Solution?

Flexim Security Oy, Finland's leading expert in developing easy but secure access, needs a sure and effortless solution for its invoice volume processing problems. How can Palette's purchase-to-pay solution help?

21. Jun. 16

Announcing Three Nominees for the Finnish Digital Project of the Year Award

The 2016 Management Events Digital Project of the Year Award nominees are out.

24. May 16

Turkish E-Commerce is Going Mobile

The popularity of e-commerce and the number of Internet users in Turkey register a double-digit growth yearly. The pioneers of online shopping are convinced that the future lies in consistent omni-channel experiences and mobile solutions.

17. May 16

Adapt to Survive and Thrive: What it Takes to Fully Digitize

Alex Van Koutrik, Managing Partner at Trivento, talks about what's hindering traditional companies from fully digitizing and how to solve it.

10. May 16

Hybrid WAN Opens Bottlenecks

The next generation hybrid WANs give enterprises a versatile way to connect separate branch offices and a chance to speed-up the adoption of SaaS applications. “Hybrid WAN automatically chooses the best WAN connection for each application flow, taking into account both the business priority and the end-to-end performance,” says Oscar Olvera-Irigoyen from the hybrid WAN expert InfoVista.

05. May 16

Blog: Uberize yourself

Are we fighting for a hopeless case? Are you holding a yellow page which will be pulverized? Is our business becoming uberized?

30. Nov. 15
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