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How Management Events’ Customers celebrate the New Year in their countries

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2016 forever, but before we do, let's first find out how our customers do it in their countries.

29. Dec. 16

Five Myths about Champagne – Debunked

What better way to celebrate the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new one? Here are five things about the world’s favourite bubbly that you thought you knew, but didn’t.

27. Dec. 16

Watch: Pan European StrategyForum Retail, 2017, Coming Soon!

DIESEL's Hans Schmitt, Infor's Bas van Lith, and Hunkemöller International's Philip Mountford on the benefits of attending the Pan European StrategyForum Retail events.

25. Nov. 16

Watch: Retail Experience – Views on Retail Transformation

A quick look at retail's growth expectations, investments and strategic priorities. The video is based on the latest Management Events retail industry trend report.

03. Nov. 16

Sportamore’s Johan Ryding is the Swedish Influencer of the Year

Johan Ryding, CEO, Sportamore was chosen as the 2016 Retail Industry Influencer of the Year in Sweden.

28. Oct. 16

Retailtainment: Retail Spaces’ Next Frontier

As online shopping increases, retail spaces have to change their offerings from products to experiences to survive.

21. Oct. 16

How to Show Customers They are Valued and Understood

Symphony GOLD's Strategic Account Manager Judith Zielinski thinks that a truly customer-centric organization will have moved beyond pure CRM and loyalty programs to in-depth customer engagement to make customers feel like royalty. But what does it entail?

30. Sep. 16

Infographic: Retail Experience – Views on the Retail Transformation

Where do retail executives think retail is headed? Here's a quick look taken from the Retail Experience - Views on the Retail Transformation report.

26. Sep. 16

Consumers as VIPs, the Reinvention of Money, Robots at Your Service: Welcome to the Future of Retail 2020

Futurice, digital agency from London, Munich, Stockholm and Helsinki, has identified eight key technology, culture and social trends driving change in the retail sector in order to identify short-term customer opportunities in the run-up to 2020. From a consumer's point of view the trends are:

01. Sep. 16

Hans Petter Hübert on Customer Experience

At the IndustryForum Retail in Fornebu, Norway, Moods of Norway Retail Director Hans Petter Hübert shared his thoughts on the importance of omni-channel in meeting customer demands.

17. Aug. 16

How Digitalization Helps Keep Your Valuables Safe

When it comes to security and digitalization, Detlef Lücke, Sales Director at INSYS Locks, says that there's nothing to fear but fear itself - what with a slew of success stories for companies to pattern theirs after and opportunities to benefit from.

09. Aug. 16

Step Inside Retail’s New Reality

Digitalization and economics are changing the retail landscape. Here are three trends to watch out for.

03. Aug. 16

Retail Experience – Views on the Retail Transformation

This is a snapshot of the retail industry's growth prospects and challenges, as per the 406 decision-makers surveyed from Europe and Southeast Asia's largest retail organizations.

29. Jul. 16

Three Insightful Book Recommendations from European Retail Heads

At the recent Management Events PanEuropean Retail event in Spain, amidst the presentations and discussions about digitization, we asked some retail executives for book recommendations.

28. Jul. 16

Watch: Adidas’ Worth Darling on RFID

At the Pan European StrategyForum Retail last April 21st in Spain, Adidas' Worth Darling shared his thoughts on the three biggest opportunities for the retail sector with digitalization.

22. Jul. 16
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