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Three Nominees for 600 Minutes CFO Project of the Year Award in Turkey

Presenting three outstanding finance projects vying for the 2017 Management Events' Project of the Year Award in Turkey.

26. Jan. 17

[Report] Disrupted: Executive Perspectives on Banking and Insurance

Based on responses from 635 decision-makers from Europe and Southeast Asia's largest banking and insurance organizations, the report is a quick study on how the formerly immovable industry has finally been disrupted.

16. Dec. 16

Five Critical Skills for Banking Leaders Today

As the banking industry finds itself in the midst of what could be its most critical period to date, what sort of skills must its leaders possess to come out victorious on the other side?

22. Nov. 16

Accelerated Digitization Efforts with Agile and Cloud

Digitalization is a process but it can be sped up. How has IPT AG helped an insurance company boost its digitization efforts and solve its customer experience issues fast?

05. Aug. 16

600Minutes CFO Project of the Year to be Awarded in Turkey this May!

Management Events has announced the nominees for the annual 600Minutes CFO Project of the Year Award in Turkey.

16. Mar. 16

Teaching Self-Disruption to Dinosaurs: 4 Questions a Bank Must Ask Itself

Incumbents can learn from pretenders. Ashley Latham, CIO of Saxo Bank, gives his thoughts on how traditional banks can evolve and learn the game of disruptors.

23. Feb. 16

Rainer Reitzler voted as the Influencer of the Year by peers

Rainer Reitzler, Member of the board of Münchener Verein Krankenversicherung a.G. was chosen as the Insurance Influencer of the Year in Germany.

03. Nov. 15

Christian Hoppe has been chosen as the German Influencer of the Year!

Christian Hoppe, the Founder Director of main incubator has been awarded for his achievements in banking 2.0.

13. Oct. 15

Innovative mobile payment application brings Bank Pekao S.A. the Leader of Innovative Banking Award

Bank Pekao is the first bank in Poland offering HCE mobile payments technology.

30. Sep. 15

The Sheep and the Wolves of Banking and Telling Them Apart

Sanjeev Mehra, Managing Director at Citibank Singapore Ltd, and Lars Sjögren, Executive Vice President at Danske Bank A/S, tell how to distinguish the future winners and losers in banking.

28. Sep. 15

Start-Ups Spell the End of Bank Bureaucracy

Agile start-up financers are forcing traditional banks to think on their feet. Rikard Josefson, CEO of Länsförsäkringar Bank AB, shares his ideas on the measures needed to stand up to disruptors.

25. Sep. 15

The Bold and Charismatic Bankers of the Future

At a recent event, Bengt-Olof Lalér, Deputy CEO of SkandiaBanken AB, was asked what kind of leadership was needed in future banks.

25. Sep. 15

The Starbucks Lessons – Answers to Burning Questions in Banking Can Be Found in Other Industries

At a recent event, we met with Helena Andreas, Director of Marketing & Communications at Nordea, currently the most successful bank in the Nordic region.

25. Sep. 15

100% Online Service – Why the Travel Industry Leaves Us Behind

The banks could adopt from the travel industry simple and 100% online service processes, said Kenneth Kaarnimo from Danske Bank in the Nordic StrategyForum Banking event.

24. Sep. 15

Swedish Companies: “Sales of Insurances Must Be Multichannel”

Personal contact is always important, but a successful sale of insurances today requires skillful managing of all channels.

18. Sep. 15
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