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IFRS Consolidation Successfully Mastered

Structural growth and more stringent formal accounting requirements are the decisive factors that CFOs are having to contend with today. We are having to rethink the whole process, since working with traditional systems is no longer proving sufficient. The challenges of preparing consolidated financial statements are too complex. The software and financial services provider Avaloq is shaping its future with innovative technology from LucaNet (Schweiz) AG.

24. Apr. 17

Are robots going to destroy the finance function?

The conclusion should be no, it’s not about destroying, but about transforming the finance function.

17. Apr. 17

Accelerating Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting with Simplified Performance Management

“Unlike others we don’t want to 'kill' Excel — we empower users to leverage the tools they love and transform them into powerful and governed business instrument.”

10. Apr. 17

Double Paid spoort verborgen onverschuldigde betalingen op

Intelligente systemen nemen steeds grotere delen van het boekhoudproces over. Dit leidt over het algemeen tot meer efficiency en een grotere nauwkeurigheid, maar er zijn fouten die door het systeem over het hoofd worden gezien. Dit leidt tot onverschuldigde betalingen zoals dubbele betalingen, dubbel in rekening gebrachte kosten, gemiste creditnota’s en ander vormen van overbetaling. Ten opzichte van de inkoopwaarde lijkt het percentage onverschuldigde betalingen in eerste instantie gering, maar als deze betalingen niet worden opgemerkt en over een aantal jaren doorlopen kan het substantieel worden.

03. Apr. 17

The Rise of Third-Party Reputation Risk Management

Picture your commercial landscape in a pre-compliance era. Difficult, isn't it? Such are the intense demands of recent years that it's sometimes hard to remember simpler times.

22. Mar. 17

Digitalization is Key to Great Customer Experience Delivery

Customer experience is on everyone's agenda these days. There may yet be a set of universal guidelines for how to best deliver it, but Adra Software AS, a digital company, has some ideas.

20. Mar. 17

E-Invoicing: The Accounts Payable (AP) Best Practice behind Productivity

According to Lauri Palokangas, Product Marketing Manager at Basware AS, financial organizations are often on the lookout for the next step in efficiency.

09. Feb. 17

Infographic: The Golden Opportunity

In this infographic, Qlik reveals why financial service organizations need to get their analytical insights out to the field and why.

25. Jan. 17

The Big Challenges of Finance Teams are Data-Related

The amount of data grows, but the time to analyze gets shorter. Relying on big data with poor quality is a dangerous cocktail for the CFO.

16. Dec. 16

From Spreadsheets to Strategies: The Evolution of the Modern CFO

The CFO role is undergoing a massive transformation. Five years ago, the task was simple; oversee the company’s finances – from budgeting and bookkeeping to filing reports and taking care of compliance. Nowadays, it’s as if they’ve become the shadow or twin of the CEOs.

16. Dec. 16

[Infographic] CFO the Strategist

Today's CFOs are a far cry from yesterday's invisible overseers of the company’s finances. As they see the markets through financial lenses — they’re now considered the CEOs' ideal partner in business strategy. This quick look on the modern CFO is taken from "CFO the Strategist" report.

05. Dec. 16

CFO the Strategist

In this new Management Events Report: CFO the Strategist, we surveyed 548 finance executives across Europe and Southeast Asia to explore their perspectives, priorities, initiatives, new competencies.

09. Nov. 16

TEB Let’s UP Programme is the Project of the Year in StrategyForum Banking, Turkey

TEB Let’s UP Programme – Türk Ekonomi Bankası took home the 2016 Management Events Project of the Year Award at IndustryForum Banking in Turkey.

20. Oct. 16

Customer Experience Shouldn’t be So Complicated

According to Collector Bank, when it comes to delivering the best customer experience, no matter the size of the audience, no matter the time, the same principle applies: for-every-problem-there’s-a solution.

07. Oct. 16

What Insurers Need to Lower Healthcare Cost and Increase its Quality

Insurers use data and analytics to see how healthcare costs develop, but they need these two things to be able to offer more affordable but higher quality products and services, according to Rabobank’s Executive Development Vice President Ivo van Bilsen and Menzis’ Financial Risk Officer Johan Halverhout.

03. Oct. 16
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