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Analytics | Co-creation | Published 08. Nov. 16

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Executit was founded to meet the new generation of planning needs. "Our customers are used to user-friendly tools in their private life, now, they also want to enjoy that same experience at work," shares Jussi Laitinen, Partner at Executit Oy.


At Executit Oy, customer experience is about making life easier for customers. For Jussi Laitinen, that translates to platforms that enable business users to define and create sophisticated models, plus its needed user-interface, minus the programming or scripting work.

“Our role is to be advisors and to provide a solid foundation, best practices, and guidance on their journey to the next level in the world of planning and performance management.”

The True Cost of  Ineffective and Inefficient Solutions

With digitalization comes a more turbulent and complex business environment. It’s now more challenging to define and execute strategic and operational plans, “As internal and external information rolls in from a variety of systems, formats and frequency, it’s become more difficult to establish a joint and unified structure, generate and share clear and powerful reports in time, and then plan the future based on facts afterwards.”

Adding to the difficulty are the old tools, “Inferior planning solutions like Excel has been the most popular planning tool for over 30 years because of its easy-of-use modeling capabilities, but isolated point solutions and standalone spreadsheets like it are yesterday’s solutions for planning across departments.”

If not quickly addressed, those inadequacies may result in the following:

  • Lost Revenue and Market Share – As a result of incomplete and inaccurate plans, there’s sales ineffectiveness, slower time to market, and unavailability of goods and services.
  • Higher Costs – As a consequence of inefficiencies in the planning work as well as due to the quality of the plans.

When Customers Take Charge

The good news is digitalization also comes in with new opportunities. And for efficient planning and modelling, “It’s the users who are building the solutions of tomorrow and not the IT department or consulting army.” This effectively closes the big gap between businesses and systems as it shortens implementation time, but most importantly, it improves the quality and the functionality of the solution.

The user-built next-generation tools feature the same usability and self-service capabilities, but with superior modelling and scalability for a fraction of the effort required in legacy enterprise systems. They also offer flexibility, user-friendliness, and collaboration opportunities at a much lower cost.

All in One Solution

Today, it’s possible to create integrated planning for large enterprises within time frames and budgets that match the needs of the new fast-pace world — without the burden of complex systems infrastructure and spreadsheets, “Customers want solutions that deliver a real-time single truth for all users and available in cloud-based environments.”

With new platforms that can also help users to accurately plan and optimize their businesses, quickly respond to big and small changes, and even handle advanced scenarios, “I think the better questions that people should ask instead of ‘Could we do it like this?’ or ‘Is this possible?’ are, ‘What do you want?’ and ‘Why do you want it?’ and then with best-in-class solutions and advise from leading business partners, just make it happen.”

Executit Oy will be attending the 600Minutes CFO event in Finland on the 15th of November 2016 as a solution provider. For more on our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »

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