Leaders Inspiring Leaders: Finance Executives

Strategy and Development | Insight | Published 31. Dec. 16

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At the Nordic StrategyForum CFO, we asked finance executives to name a prominent leader they admire and why. A theme emerged from their answers and it's along the lines of rebuilding or revival.


Open Up: Göran Persson, Prime Minister, Sweden

Martina Hansens Hospital’s CFO Daniel Storli Resen-Fellie met Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson at a conference a couple of years ago and liked the PM’s observations on Europe in the last 20 years, “He said Europe has turned into a museum and needs to come back to life. It needs to open up and get new ideas not just from the west but also the east.”

Back to Basics: Jørgen Knudstorp, CEO, Lego Group

Preben Sunke, Danish Crown’s Group CFO, admires the strength and wisdom of Lego’s Jørgen Knudstorp, “He has done such a remarkable job with a struggling business. By going back to and digging deep into the business’ DNA, he was able to extract its key elements and use them to revive the business.”

Bring Values to Work: Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

For Danske Bank’s Wealth Management Head of Strategy and Concepts, Anthony Madigan, “I admire leaders who are able to successfully pull their companies through transitions, like my former company’s new CEO, Satya Nadella. It’s amazing how he’s able to use his personal values in transforming Microsoft into a values-based company.”

But what does it take to lead a finance organization today? We surveyed 548 finance executives across Europe and Southeast Asia to explore their perspectives, priorities, initiatives, new competencies. The report revealed that finance executives think that today’s CFOs are a far cry from the invisible overseer of the company’s finances. As they see the markets from financial lenses — they’re able to assess the viability of new business models and deploy quickly or as needed — they’re the ideal business strategist and partner for the CEO.

CFO the Strategist

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The interviews were conducted at the Nordic StrategyForum CFO in Latvia on the 15th of September 2016. For our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »

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