House of Einstein's Jantien Herfst Wins the Marketing Influencer of the Year Award

Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales | Awards | Published 30. Sep. 16

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House of Einstein took home the Management Events Marketing Influencer of the Year Award 2016 at the 600Minutes CMO event in The Netherlands.


The 2016 Marketing Influencer of the Year Award was awarded to House of Einstein, besting two other worthy candidates in BALR’s Ralph de Geus and Deli XL’s Anouk Beeren.

We asked House of Einstein’s Founder Jantien Herfst about what makes her company a winner:

Why do you think you won the award?

The main reason is because of our personal touch towards the client, backed up by our data-driven strategy. We are focusing a lot on the creative processes: How do we communicate our message in a creative way to our customers? What interests our customers? How do we ensure that we live up to our message? A personalized customer experience. The outfitters have excellent systems to allow them to maintain great personal contact with the customers. Besides that we are constantly focusing on data. Figures on our websites, social media and responses from the customers to the collection.

What is the marketing secret of House of Einstein?

A good marketing strategy starts with the product. Customer satisfaction is the only sustainable marketing that you have. The outfitters has a very important role in the company. They are in good contact with their clients, what will result in great customer loyalty. We are using Whatsapp, Snapchat and Facetime to stay in touch with our customers. A satisfied customer will activate their network. Member-get-member is our most important channel. Clothing is an intimate product, it says a lot about your personality. It is therefore important that consumers have trust in our outfitters. They understand what he likes to wear. For some consumers, this trust can only be built by good reviews from other customers.

Can you share a successful project?

Each box that leaves House of Einstein is tailor-made for each individual. We try to showcase different individuals, not only through their clothing, but also through what drives them as a person. Every month, we present a special customer case online under the topic “Mr Einstein”. This item highlights their career, challenges, and how they dress. The goal is to engage men, who are not specifically interested in fashion, but in business and lifestyle, with our service.

Management Events’ Marketing Influencer of the Year Award is an annual recognition given to a visionary or a pioneer who has strongly impacted the industry. The nominees and winner are chosen by the 2016 600Minutes CMO event participants.

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