Excellent CX Delivery Starts from Within

Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales | Co-creation | Published 16. Jan. 17

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What does exceptional customer experience in HR entail? HRM Partners CEO Paula Kilpinen believes it first must be inward then outward.

“Customer experience is a strategic capability, which the company culture has to support. It’s a combination of knowledge, practices, processes and systems,” shares CEO Paula Kilpinen

A prerequisite in delivering excellent customer experience is great employee experience. Customer-oriented organizations put their employees first, because the formula “happy employees equals best customer experiences delivery” is a fact. Employee satisfaction isn’t just about treating the employees right, but also about developing them. Another prerequisite is top management support. For customer experience to take flight, it must be on top of the management’s agenda.

Only when those are satisfied can the organization move on to providing a seamless customer experience, which are made possible by:

  • Digital Capabilities – “Digital capabilities should be in the DNA of every company today,” says Kilpinen. In a world where ‘everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized’, it isn’t enough anymore to hire just one digital expert, “What’s critical is understanding the best way to develop the required capabilities. Should they be build internally, acquire, or use partners or network to access the needed capabilities or complement the existing ones?”
  • Customer Knowledge – It’s through customer understanding that organizations are able to grasp the value that they can provide their customers, “Today, knowing the customers’ needs is no longer enough. They also have to know their customers’ customers in order to solve their problems. It even comes to a point, sometimes, when they have to reach out to the end-user to be able create the right solution.”

At HRM Patners, “When building solutions for our customers, which are HR managers most of the time, we study their end-user expectations to get at their concrete needs and provide them with a concrete solution. And when it comes to customers experience, instead of ‘selling’, we instead help customers solve their challenges. By integrating our coaching expertise into our relationship, we build mutual trust.”

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