An Internet of Things To-Do List

Internet of Things | Insight | Published 10. Oct. 16

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Bjørn Inge Dalen, CIO of ISS Facility Services, says that the Internet of Things is already here and it's an organizational responsibility not just IT.


The Internet of Things is no longer a futuristic topic. It’s here and has been for a time, although unseen by many. In this new reality Bjørn Inge Dalen, CIO of ISS Facility Services points out that driving change is no longer the sole responsibility of the IT departments but the entire organization, “We are trying to push technology out where it belongs in the business, so we involve the business in things we develop.” So, for organizations that have yet to start on their IoT journey, he shares his to-do list:

Start Now

“New technology is something we have to adapt to as it’s here and here to stay for a long time. And as it’s a journey, the first and most important thing to do is start. Afterwards, it’s all about managing the hurdles and nothing more.”

Make IT Just a Facilitator

“The IT department can’t drive the change alone. So, when we run a project, we make it clear that the IT department is not the project leader, but a mere facilitator, and the implementation is run by the business areas.”

Be Inclusive and Give Credit Where it’s Due

“You obtain more for yourself by giving giving the credit to others, instead of trying to sell it as a project by IT. It’s better to involve as many people as possible and credit them for their share.”

Invest for the Benefit of Customers

“We are investing quite a lot in sensors and new IoT and monitoring technology, so that our customers will feel safe in the knowledge that we’re taking care of their property in the best possible way.”

Make IoT a Core Competitive Factor

“IoT is a core competitive factor in marketing and delivering services. It helps tremendously in changing ways of working, saving money, and creating better services.”

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Internet of Things: From Vision to Execution

Bjørn Inge Dalen, CIO and IT Director at ISS Facility Services was interviewed at the Nordic StrategyForum Internet of Things in Latvia on the 14th of April 2016. For our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »

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