The Six Faces of Modern CIOs

IT Management | Insight | Published 24. Oct. 16

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Excellent customer experience delivery requires modern CIOs to be a lot of things to everyone at the same time.


Resident Techy

“Modern CIOs must have a strategic relationship with the business and a solid understanding of its customers. But more importantly, they must be the organization’s visionary tech leader. They have to be the ones to educate everyone on what technology can do and its benefits. It’s their job to address people’s apprehensions on new solutions.” — Johnny Bröms, CIO, Max Hamburgerrestauranger AB


“We must be a great deal more approachable than before, communicate, and exert more effort in being part of the business. To be a game changer, we must focus on building an architecture centered around people who understand the business inside-out and can clearly articulate IT’s function from the business’ perspective.” —Magnus Åkerlind, Director of Global IT Coordination, Loomis AB


“CIOs have end-user insights. Armed with information and technology, they can be change agents, helping the company be more agile, earn more revenue, increase efficiency, and run in the right direction.”–Johan Torstensson, Vice President & Head of IT, Ericsson AB


“Our orientation must shift from technical to human. We now must be user experience-oriented, find out what they need, and convert their requirements into solutions. To succeed, we must develop our marketing skills, broad solutions skills, and our leadership capabilities.” —Mats Hultin, Group CIO, Saab AB


“Filter all the nonsense out and stop listening to external voices who think they know what it takes to increase your company’s growth. Turn your ears internally and start listening to people within the organization with ideas on how to help themselves grow.” —Fredrik Rubne, CIO, Consortio Fashion Group AB

Visionary IT: Perspectives on the Modern IT Organization

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