Achieve Work-Life Balance with These 4 Tips

Strategy and Development | Lifestyle | Published 11. Aug. 16

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More and more forward-thinking businesses are abandoning the eight to four working day scheme to balance work and life. But how to achieve that without putting the business under?


Schedule Your Free Time

“A good friend of mine, whom I look up to, is really passionate about his work. He said, “I’m always on vacation and I’m always at work.” Although being always on vacation sounds nice, always being at work is not.  But you can find ways to incorporate work into your life. For example, read your emails during your long commute. Utilize your idle times to schedule your time offs with family and friends. The most important thing is to learn how to be in the moment and be efficient with your free time. Find work-related entertainment instead of watching TV.” – Arne Alexander Andreassen, Store Concept Manager, JYSK AS

Block Off Days in a Year

“An executive needs a work life balance, but so do the employees. Personally, my work-life balance depends on my scorecard. I actually define the number of days in a year that I would go skiing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends. Sometimes it doesn’t work, but I schedule them anyway.” – Jakob Olsbø, VP Marketing Statoil Fuel&Retail, Statoil Fuel & Retail ASA

Deliver on Time

“Have fun when working, so then there’s no distinction between work and free time – it’s all just fun! That’s the number one rule. Communicate efficiency to employees. Let them know that it’s what earns them time flexibility. Tell them that efficiency is what abolishes the eight to four work hours. Like, if it’s sunny outside and the skiing conditions are great, they can go skiing if they want to, worry-free. I think giving them that kind of flexibility is really important in balancing work and life.” – Hans Petter Hübert, Retail Director, Moods of Norway AS

Turn to Your Values

“I think the better question to ask is how to be a balanced leader and how to maintain that state of mind, because nowadays, free time and work are one and the same for most people. So, make sure you’re not overdoing or overtaxing yourself. I have five clear values that drive, inform my decision making, and guide my life in general, and I refer to those values to ensure that I don’t work 70 hours a week. I’m just a better person and a good boss when I’m well-balanced.” – Lars Sander Matjeka, Head of Business Development, DG Media 

The interview was conducted at the Norwegian IndustryForum Retail event on the 8th of March 2016. For all our upcoming events, visit the Event Calendar »

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