Munich, January 30 - 31, 2018


StrategyForum Cyber and Information Security

At the event you will meet CISOs and Information Security Executives from the largest organizations.


Daniel Ehricht


DB Regio AG

Themes in discussions

  • Connected World – Its all about IoT, but is it secure enough?

  • EU General Data Protection Regulation - What are the key changes?

  • Cloud for greater Agility and Productivity - Simple, Efficient, Fast and Secure

  • The Rise of Hacktivism- What do threats look like?

  • Ransomware watch out!- How do we protect ourselves?



35 000 interviews and 10 000 online survey responses annually provides a comprehensive insight of top leaders across Europe and Asia.

business opportunities

Annually 160 events in Europe and Asia, 20 000 top leaders and 2 500 solution providers. Our exclusive invitation-only event concept offers business opportunities for both parties.


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Solution Providers
  • Blue Frost Security GmbH
  • Bomgar UK Limited
  • Kaspersky Labs GmbH
  • Nexus Group AB
Schloss Hohenkammer

DACH StrategyForum Cyber and Information Security

January 30, 2018

Location Info

Schloss Hohenkammer


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