Helsinki, November 9, 2017


ICT Trends and Solutions

At the event you will meet IT decision makers from the large and mid-sized companies and public organizations.


35 000 interviews and 10 000 online survey responses annually provides a comprehensive insight of top leaders across Europe and Asia.

business opportunities

Annually 160 events in Europe and Asia, 20 000 top leaders and 2 500 solution providers. Our exclusive invitation-only event concept offers business opportunities for both parties.


Annually 70 000 pre-booked meetings. In average 20 1-to-1-meetings/events. We use the advanced data-based matching to find the relevant contacts for you and create you a platform to meet new contacts.
Solution Providers
  • Veeam Software Finland Oy
past event
600Minutes ICT Trends and Solutions
Teemu Arina
Biohacker Center
Menny Barzilay
Menny Barzilay
themes in discussions
  • Innovation windows of digitalisation - What does the future of business processes look like?

  • Mobility in future work - How to ensure sufficient information security?

  • Towards the smart organization with Internet of Things

  • Exploring the emerging data sources, data collection and data ownership

  • Pursuing process efficiency - Software robotics and automation of knowledge work

SC5 Online Oy
Vaadin Ltd
Ruoholahden kauppakeskus 2krs

600Minutes ICT Trends and Solutions

November 09, 2017

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Ruoholahden kauppakeskus 2krs


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